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39 Year Old: Breast Lift Only(right)/Slight Breast Reduction(left)/Correction to Abdomen & Additional Lipo to Back Bulge

Hello RS! Thank you for stopping by to check out my journey. A quick synopsis. This is my 2nd blog on RS (1st was for the BBL procedure in 2014). I'll be writing about my breast lift/breast reduction. As well as the additional work I'm having done on my abdomen & bra (back) bulge. I decided to have the same surgeon do both procedures for me. I'm 39, 146-150lbs, 5'4", workout (full body... READ MORE

7 weeks: revision (corrective) Sx update - Dr. Spero Theodorou

My BBL story (this 1st entry is kind of long, sorry) I'm 5'4" and weigh around 147lbs (when I started writing this on 9/12/13). Im 37 years old. Workout 6 days a week. Three of those days are full body strength training (push-ups/biceps & triceps curls/rowing machine/one leg squats with weight/walking lunges/adduction & abduction/abdominal roller). The other three days are running (cardio)... READ MORE

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Where Are the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in BBL in NYC? (photo)

I want to do BBL but am having trouble finding multiple doctors in NYC who "specialize" in BBL. I want a doctor who does at least 4 a week and has patient pictures to support... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Lower Areola Post Breast Reduction? How Does It Work? (photo)

I'm over a decade post op from breast reduction. My areolas are too high/uneven and I want them lowered/as symmetrical as possible. I'm having a difficult time identifying the... READ MORE

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Hi Frimabee92. Truly appreciate your feedback to my posts. Thank you! Glad you and others found it useful. Also, thank you for the compliment. Best wishes to you on your Bbl journey! READ COMMENT

Hello. I did not have surgery recently. READ COMMENT

Thank you very much! Local anesthesia is definitely great for less invasive Sx. Hope all is and remains well with you post op. READ COMMENT

Hi trinigurl69. Thank you for reading this post. Appreciate the compliments :-). I did lose volume post op. The tumescent fluid had to leave my body, swelling had to go down & I lost weight overall. So these factors caused the size of... READ COMMENT

Thank you for reading my post. Having surgery next week. And will post after majority of swelling goes down (aniticiapte early May) so a good comparison can be made by all reviewing. READ COMMENT