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Want to finally feel good about myself

This is my first post in the realself community and is hopefully a good way to introduce myself to you all. I'm a 20 year old female living in Perth, Australia. Ever since I started puberty I have been deeply bothered by the bump in the bridge of my nose and most specifically by my bulbous,... READ MORE

Female Early 20s Getting Botox for Premature Wrinkles After Accutane - Perth, AU

At first I was reticent to write this review because I'm young and not in a huge need for Botox, but seeing as there are so few reviews for cosmetic procedures in Perth (Australia) I thought it may be helpful to others. I'm almost 22 but have developed some premature wrinkles. I think I can... READ MORE

First Experience with Lip Injections - Excited! - Claremont, AU

I am booked in for lip injections with Dr Imani this coming Friday. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. The price seems very high but I've heard he is really good with fillers and that they last a fair amount of time, even longer than 6 months, so I am hoping that it will be... READ MORE

Questions from MHB11

Ideally how long should one wait before flying long distance after Rhinoplasty?

I live in Australia and am having rhinoplasty performed in L.A. The first flight between USA and Australia is around 16 hours, followed by another 6 hour flight and a number of... READ MORE

What are the chances of developing DVT flying overseas shortly after liposuction to chin?

I will be having rhinoplasty in Los Angeles before flying back to Australia 6 days Post Op. The flight is 16 hours, plus another 5 hours after a short stop over. I am aware... READ MORE

Young female wanting to get rid of chin and jowl fat for defined slender jaw. Any suggestions?

I am 22 and have hereditary chin and jowl fat that does not budge from exercise. I have consulted plastic surgeons who say I do not need a chin implant and that my chin size is... READ MORE

Will I have good results from Vaser Liposuction, and how can I excuse my compression bandage at work? (photos)

I an hoping vaser lipo will give me a better defined jawline and less rounded lower face. I can not afford to take two full weeks off work, but have been told that it is... READ MORE

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Thank you. Honestly photos don't do my nose justice, but even I will admit it's fantastic. No he didn't really specify that he would make it as feminine or pretty as it is, he just told me he would do what I asked and told me that I... READ COMMENT

Sure. Check my new post today as well! The first 6 weeks of breathing was rough but it's getting much better. Still quite congested a lot of the time but I know that will improve. When I woke up from anaesthesia it felt incredible but... READ COMMENT

I had rhinoplasty septoplasty turbinoplasty and Nadal valve repair ... So a lot! My nose looks entirely different now and I adore it. Dr g lifted the tip, got rid of my hump, brought in my nostrils and did extensive tip work to make it... READ COMMENT

My blood work done in Australia was insufficient, so they sent me to a clinic nearby and dr g's office paid. It was easy! READ COMMENT

I know I commented on your bump before, well I'm 5 weeks post with dr g and have to say the little residual bump I have is one of my favourite things! It makes the nose look really natural and feminine and it has helped mask the fact... READ COMMENT