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Thick skinned hawaiian, caucasian girl wanting rhinoplasty

Hello everyone! I'm a 16 year old girl from the beautiful state of Hawaii. I actually just moved here from Alaska ( I know HUGE climate change) Anywho I've been wanting to change my nose since I was 12. The constant bullying throughout middleschool really changed my outgoing personality. I became ashamed of my face and would hide behind my hair. I wouldn't talk as much and would come home... READ MORE

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Congrats! You look great(: READ COMMENT

Dr. G replied this morning to my e-mail(: And he did say that the thick nasal skin will limit to how narrow he can make my nose. Which I am totally fine with as I don't think a very thin caucasian nose would match my other facial... READ COMMENT

Congrats on your surgery! I'm actually speaking to Dr. G on email right now and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that I will be able to do the surgery with him! Happy Healing and keep us updated(: READ COMMENT

Thank you so much(: I'm happy for you and happy that you are more confident in yourself! I just sent Dr. G an email and I can't wait for him to respond:D READ COMMENT