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Scar Revision Looking Worst After Surgery. Scar is Now Longer and More Noticeable - Newport Beach, CA

I regret using Dr. Richard A. Weiss for scar revision surgery. . He mislead me to believe he had over 30 years of experience in doing this form of surgery. The result speaks the truth. I asked for a refund and never got one. I wasted a lot of money for no improvement and more a longer and noticeable scar! READ MORE

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What a face lift at 29??? Your surgeon is money hungry..... No one........ should get a face lift so young. ................... I know you didn't need it . NO one sags at that age. READ COMMENT

Thanks for pointing his name out. He is not the only one that does that. READ COMMENT

What skin tone to you have? There are I think fiver types. Type I, II, III to V. Are you olive, white skin with pink/redish tone, brown???? YOur good result maybe due to the particular skin you have. I am glad you got good result. READ COMMENT

I had the same experience with Dr. Richard Weiss out in Newport Beach. I wanted my money back because Dr. Weiss did not improve my scar. He made it bigger, longer and more noticeable. I saw his true color and he never return any of my... READ COMMENT

How was your first lift at 50? Did you like the result???? It is so kind of you to post and let us know details. Who wouldn't want to look younger. As long as it makes you feel good, then it is all worth it. READ COMMENT