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Ive Lost a Large Amount of Volume in my Face Rapidly, Without Weightloss. Can Fillers Fix This Without Complications? (photo)

My face lost a large amount of volume all over. Pictures are 6 months apart. Im only 27. Im 10lbs heavier in the after pic. What could cause this volume loss? Ive seen a doctor... READ MORE

What Kind of Health Conditions Could Cause Rapid Volume Loss in the Face?

Say the person in there 20s and the volume loss occurs over less than 2 months. No weightloss, HIV negative, and otherwise feel healthy. The change is so significant that... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Leave Skin Saggy and Loose After It Dissolves?

I received juvederm voluma in the temples. My temples were very concave and now they are very full. I don't have any lumps or bumps but my temples are the fullest they could be... READ MORE

Are There Any New Long Lasting Safe Dermal Fillers on Horizon?

Hi I was wondering if there are any new long lasting safe dermal fillers that are currently being fda tested? I know voluma got approval, but is there anything else? Do you... READ MORE

Juviderm lump (palpable not visible) 1 month post op?

Hi, I received juviderm VOLUMA below the zygoma on the side of the face over a month ago. On one side, the juviderm is still firm (lump) and it can be felt if you press down,... READ MORE