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Same here 3 days post op,same feeling but from lipo on back.but like i said totally normal from nerves :) READ COMMENT

Burning sensation is your nerves waking up and repairing themselves so it is normal to feel a sting,burn,stab.hang in there.try to get up and walk every hour or so.ask your doctor maybe some cream might help with the can also be... READ COMMENT

Great good for you!just get up and walk a little every hour or so.also for blood clots!talk to you soon :) READ COMMENT

Lol!im good it's day 3.woke up from GA with no dizziness not nausiated..nothing!had told the anesthesiologist before dont let me die i have a 3 year old happy i came through!went up to room got up to pee and put lipstick... READ COMMENT

Congrats!funny ..once i came to also i was saying thank you to the anesthesiologist and doctor!so happy to to be alive!!happy healing! READ COMMENT