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Otoplasty Incision Not Completely Closed 13 Days Post Surgery?

I had unilateral otoplasty 13 days ago. Stitches are placed between head and ear, but in one place (0.7 cm long) skin isn't connected, there is very small gap between. This has... READ MORE

Absorbable Sutures Protrudes out of Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Otoplasty 26 days ago.Surgeon put absorbable sutures on cartilage and non absorbable on the skin(removed).One suture sticks out from the skin,probably came through the hole... READ MORE

Small Hole Opened and Bled 1 Month Post Otoplasty in the Bottom of the Incision Line?

Small,tender red-blue lump started to develop four days ago in the bottom of the wound,perpendicular to incision,just under the skin.In the middle there was a small area of... READ MORE

Are there ligaments in ear cartilage?

11 weeks after unilateral otoplasty, wound healed well, stitches absorbed a month ago, everything fine for now except for a mild (decreasing) numbness and very mild pain to... READ MORE