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It seems that many 18 to 19 year olds bounce back quicker than those of us over 50 (big surprise!). The most important thing is to talk with your surgeon. Many allow a return to the gym by 4 weeks. I think it also depends on how big... READ COMMENT

Many women soak their strips off....if you take them off either in the shower or right after a shower, it is much easier than doing it dry. If you get queasy, do it after the shower while you are lying down. READ COMMENT

Oh those suits are great! And you look fab in them! I have several to try on soon that I bought between rounds one and two that I know will fit great now. Lets hear it for all of us 57 yr olds breaking out into the swimming world! READ COMMENT

The internal stitches hold everything "just so" for one to three months. When they start dissolving, lots of things change shape (some call this "dropping and fluffing"). You may know when it happens because you may hear or feel a... READ COMMENT

I'm amazed at how good you look for only 6 days in! Just wait 6 weeks! Then 6 months! Thanks for sharing. READ COMMENT