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Just Want to Flatten my Belly - How Soon Would I Be Able to Get into a Bikini? (photo)

I'd like to remove the 'pouch' I have above my mons pubis. I wanted to get tumescent lipo because I heard it causes the least amount pf bruisomg. I'm also curious about the... READ MORE

How Much Approximately Would Liposuction on the Stomach Cost in Toronto? And Does the Sag in my Breasts Justify Implants?

I weigh in the mid 150s and I'm 5'9, 20 years old. I want to flatten my stomach area. Interested in traditional lipo which may or may not be paired with minimal implants... READ MORE

Cost of Abdominal Liposuction in Toronto, Canada?

20 yo female 5'9 around 160 lbs. I want to remove the excess fat on my lower abdomen. I lost 60 lbs since april. What would be the approximate price of this procedure under... READ MORE