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My Doctor Massaged the Botox Injections I to my Skin?

I had botox 2 days ago and the doctor immediately massaged it in....pretty aggressively!! Now I'm reading that you shouldn't rub it for hours let alone rub it in after... READ MORE

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Hi! Just wondering... now that's been over a year since your procedure, if you are still feeling good about your results? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hi! Are you seeing any results yet? Did you have your second treatment? READ COMMENT

So nice to hear from someone 2 years out. Wish more people would do that! Keep us posted down the road... please! Thanks so much, you look great!!!! READ COMMENT

Hi Forty, are you happy with the lower face neck? Are the scars healing nicely behind the ears or are they a little bumpy? I think you look great by the way! READ COMMENT

They say it takes more than one treatment, along with waiting atleast 3-4 months before seeing real results. I know! It's hard to wait but, I'm sure it will look great! READ COMMENT