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Is It Normal to Feel Pressure Around Eyes After Filler Injection?

I had filler injected to my undereye area due to undereye hollow 2 days ago. Is it normal to feel pressure around the eyes along with mild headache? I also can feel the filler,... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

I had a undereye filler injected a month ago and have had some headaches and pressure around the eye that lasted a week.Then all pain and pressure feeling went away for like... READ MORE

Can I continue using my supplements and meds before my Rhinoplasty surgery?

My surgery is in 3 weeks and I am currently on: - hair vitamins - dutesteride -collagen pills - vitamin c 1000 mg - resveratol pills - cipralex (antidepressant) -Tryptizol... READ MORE

Is arnica 30c safe to take before rhinoplasty surgery even though it is blood thinning?

I am asking because it seems that most doctors recommend arnica before a surgery but I've read that it has blood thinning properties .. READ MORE

Is this severe swelling normal after a rhino- septoplasty? (photos)

I have undergone a rhinoplasty 48 hours ago and my face is just killing me. Pain is controllable with meds but the pressure I'm feeling around my eyes and nose is just driving... READ MORE

One nostril is larger than the other after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

I had a rhinoplasty around 10 days ago. I already like my results but noticed that when the cast was removed, at first the left nostril was bigger than the right one. I figured... READ MORE

Feeling of hardening and stiffness in columella after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a little over two weeks ago. For the past couple of days I feel that my columella is really stiff and hard from the inside as well as the upper part of the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hair shock loss 2 months after hair transplant and in areas far away from donor and recipient area?

I had a hair transplant two months ago, around 1700 grafts mainly in temples and frontal area (FUT method). Now I am noticing fast and sudden thinning of my vertex and crown... READ MORE

How to treat dark circles around eye after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op. The red bruising under eye went away 10 days post op, but the dark circles seems to not improving. I was using retin a creams around my eye pre op, so I'm... READ MORE

Bump on upper bridge of nose (between the eye)?

I had a rhinoplasty around 4 weeks ago. A few days ago I thought I was noticing a small bump starting to emerge on the upper bridge of my nose and it seems it is increasing in... READ MORE

How long does it take for nose tip and nostril swelling to go away after Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhino-septoplasty around 3.5 months ago. I like the results but I do feel sometimes that my nostrils are a bit swollen as well as the tip. The upper bridge of the looks... READ MORE

How can I tell if my nose tip is still swollen 7 months post op?

I'm am currently 7 months post op (rhino/septoplasty). I still think my nose tip is a little bigger than my liking. Somedays I feel my tip is getting smaller and looks perfect... READ MORE

Why is my transplanted hair falling off again? 1 year post-op.

I had my first hair HT in 2011 with amazing results . 4 yrs later started loosing the transplanted hair again. I consulted with my doctor and he said that I MIGHT have a rare... READ MORE