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How Long Are Lateral Brow Lift Incisions?

How long are the incisions on each side of the head for a lateral Brow Lift? How far back are they from the hair line? Thank you. READ MORE

Cheek Pad Repositioning During Facelift or Neck Lift?

Are the cheek pads always respositioned without being undermined when a person has a lower facelift and neck lift? Or is this a technique that only certain doctors use? Thank you. READ MORE

Minimum Waiting Time for a Second Brow Lift?

I have had an endoscopic brow lift a little over 6 months ago. The lateral brows have fallen. I now want to have a temporal/lateral brow lift to repair the lateral brow. ... READ MORE

Botox to Raise Lateral Brow After Endoscopic Brow Lift?

I have had an endoscopic Brow lift. The lateral has fallen, frown lines are becoming more obvious. I had three different muscle groups incised with the Brow lift.My question... READ MORE

When to Have Brow Lift After Facelift and Neck Lift?

How long after a lower facelift and neck lift should I wait to have a lateral brow lift (due to swelling, etc.)? These procedures will be done by two different surgeons. It... READ MORE

How Long Before Bruises from V Beam Disappears?

How long can it take for the bruising from the V Beam laser to totally disappear? It will be deep purple day of procedure, the doctor indicated. Thank you. READ MORE

Improving Marionette Lines with Lower Facelift?

How much improvement can I expect from a Lower facelift with fairly significant marionette lines?When I hold my face where approximately I think it will look after surgery, I... READ MORE

Which Between Filler or Fat is Injected Deeper for Marionette Lines?

Which between fillers (like Restylane) or fat are injected more deeply into and around marionette lines and folds? Thank you. READ MORE

Filler to Raise Lateral Brows After Endoscopic Brow Lift?

I have had an endoscopic browlift and the lateral brows have fallen. Would some well placed filler in the subbrow lateral area, raise the brow enough so that the outer lid... READ MORE

Difference Between Types of Stitches for Facelift?

If a doctor uses a rolling stitch, instead of the very fine sutures I have seen used by some physicians for facelift incisions, is it more likely to leave a visible incision?... READ MORE

Facelift and Lateral Brow or Eye Fillers First?

I had an endobrow lift over a year ago, lateral brows have fallen. My inner upper eyelid junctions are more hollowed out. From an aesthetic standpoint, does it make more sense... READ MORE

Would Fillers Affect Future Results of a Facelift or Necklift?

Would a filler like Restylane, placed in the inner, upper eyelid junctionin any way alter the outcome of a future lower facelift and necklift? Thank you READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Necklift with Muscles Tightened Without an Incision Under the Chin?

Under the the chin? If it is possible, what would be the negatives in performing it this way? A friend said she had it done, though I have not seen her in person. She said it... READ MORE

Necklift and Muscle Tightening Without an Incision Under the Chin - Is This Possible?

Is it possible to have a necklift with muscles tightened without making an incision under the chin? How much must the incision be? Thank you. READ MORE

Sutures for Lower Facelift and Neck Lift

The plastic surgeon I am considering for a lower facelift and neck lift indicates he uses a rolling sutures around the ear and behind the tragus. Is this the typical way... READ MORE

Will a Lower Facelift and Necklift Remove Sleep Lines Below Eyes?

I am planning to have a lower face and neck lift. i am not having any eye work done. But I do have sleep lines that go more vertical below my eyes. With the trimming and some... READ MORE

Incision Location for Lower Facelift and Neck Lift

With a Lower Face and Necklift, Does the Incision Have to Go in Front of the ear and up the back of the ear, or does it also have to cross over at the back of ear into the... READ MORE

When Should Facelift Sutures Be Removed?

How Many Days Post Op from a Facelift Should Sutures in Front of Ears Be Removed, for the best possible chance of limited scarring? Thank you READ MORE

I Am 7 Weeks Post Treatment with Carac Cream for Actinic Keratosis.

The treated area is still fairly pink. What is the maximum length of time it could take to fade to normal skin color? I need to be prepared. Also, should the area be... READ MORE

Should I Use a Moisturizer or Aquaphor on Red/pink Skin Post Treated

Should I Use a Moisturizer or Aquaphor on Red/pink Skin Post Treated with a month of Carac cream? Which is less likely to cause irritation? Or should I just leave it dry? I am... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to have a lateral Brow lift along with a Facelift?

When a person has a facelift, is it a good idea to also have a lateral browlift, to open up and eyes and decrease the excess on the lateral brow whish is common after a... READ MORE

What Treatment Should Be Used for Bunch Biopsy on Nose to Prevent a Scar?

Do punch biopsies tend to want to widen after suture removal? Would steri strips be in order for a week? What about after that? Any cream or silicon patch or gel? Thank you READ MORE

Is is Safe to Use VBean Laser on Skin Diagnosed with Dermal Elastosis?

I have an area on the upper left dorsum of my nose that has been diagnosed with dermal elastosis. Would it be safe to use the VBeam laser on that area for the redness? How soon... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Facelift if You Have a History or RSD?

From what I know, once you have RSD, you are more more at risk to have it reoccur. It seems people are not familiar with this disorder. It must be dormat, and can occur with... READ MORE

Is It Good Idea to Take the Pre-op Vitamins That Are Advertised As Such Before a Facelift?

I know Vitamin E is not supposed to be used pre3-op, along with herbs and anything containing aspirin or the like. Also, what about post-op? Should Arnica and Bromelain be used... READ MORE

Can Facelift Scars Be Successfully Covered with a Permanent Tattoo?

I know you need to wait for at least a year post op. Can front and back of year both be done? can the white small, narrow scars behind ear and next to hairline, be... READ MORE

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You look absolutely amazing. Regarding your incisions behind ears, did you ever have one behind your ear at all? From the incision in the crease behind the ear, where exactly did the incison go toward the hairline? Was it up high... READ COMMENT

Anndavis, I sent you a pm with my email address. I look forward to chatting. READ COMMENT

Anndavis, I am very interested in Dr. Stuzin. Is there anyway we can communicate by email? Does this site allow personal messages? I am not very computer literate. Please let me know. Brooke READ COMMENT

I have not had surgery with him yet, but know about a handful of people who have and have all been happy. One lady had her second facelift with him, her first being 9 years earlier. That says something good, to go back to the same person. READ COMMENT

Have you heard about Dr Stuzin in Miami Florida? Brooke READ COMMENT