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Latest, Most Effective Non-surgical Solution to Hollow/sunken Eyes?

I am a female who's in her early 20s, and my sunken/hollow (especially lower lids) eyes are bothering me a lot. They also appear a bit reddish (dark) in the inner corners... READ MORE

Laser That Makes Your Face Airbrushed and Spotless?

I'm a female in my early 20s who has suffered mild/moderate acne all of her life. I am now treating it with the Yellow Dual laser. Once I'm done, I would like to go for... READ MORE

Retin-A Around the Eyes?

I am a female in her early 20s who suffers from sunken eyes (eye hollowing) and mild milia. Because I do not want to go to into surgeries and use fillers, I was wondering if... READ MORE

Regrow Hair? What can I use to promote hair growth and have a full hairline again?

I am a female in her early 20s with no underlying health issues except a slightly lower than normal ferritin levels. My hair is naturally very thick, but the stressful previous... READ MORE

How to Remove Decalcification?

I am currently on my second orthodontics treatment, as the first one didn't work out very well (I have misaligned upper vs. lower jaws which cause my face to look asymmetrical)... READ MORE

Is it OK to mix Retin A with Lumiere cream?

I have sunken/hollowed skin under my eyes and will be getting fillers. But the skin under the eyes is also somewhat darker (dark eye circles), which I want to deal with/improve... READ MORE

Acleara+AFT versus Spectra for active acne - which is better?

I have taken Roaccutane with no success and don't want to go through a second round. 1 dermatologist suggested Spectra laser and the 2nd suggested the Acleara system + AFT... READ MORE