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Unsure About VI Peel Results - Katy, TX

I hot off birth control and my face exploded with acne. I had experienced this same thing about two years ago in which treating with topicles wasn't working so I decided to have a series of 6 peels done over the course of about a year . I must say, it wasn't until the last peel that I noticed a significant decrease in the dark spots left behind by acne that had come and gone. This time around... READ MORE

Questions from Grittygoddess

I Am on Day 4 of my VI Peel and Some Parts of my Face Has Peeled. Why Don't I See Any Improvement?

I am Hispanic with olive skin with yellow under tones. So far from what I can see, my new skin looks the same :( . I wasn't expecting a mirical but some improvement would have... READ MORE

Hi, Grittygoddess Here, I Was Wondering Why I Didn't Get ANY Change in the Appearance of my Face from a VI Peel?

I have photos under my name Grittygoddess for reference. I wanted to know, is my skin/completion that horrible that I saw NO results from a VI Peel? I wasn't told that I would... READ MORE

Second Round of Peeling from VI Peel?

Hi, I had my VI Acne peel 2 weeks ago. Well, the only time I stopped my acne regimen was the week of my peel because I was peeling. I'm done peeling or so I thought, I started... READ MORE

Is Pulsed Dye Laser Effective for Red Acne Marks?

Hi, I had really bad hormonal acne and after months of topicals (Acanya Gel&Tretinoin) my active acne is no more. Now, I'm left with red acne marks throughout my face. I've... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause indentations in your skin, your face?

Hi, I have acne prone olive skin. Years ago I did a series of 6 jessner lined w/TCA peels. After, I did notice some skin colored indentions. I have since had 1 VIpeel and 1... READ MORE

My peels were not done over active acne, they were used to treat red marks left behind. Would this still leave indentations?

Hi, thanks for you reply, but my peels were done after the active acne had cleared and I was left with red marks from where my acne once was. I have never done anything other... READ MORE

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Will my red acne marks fade after my VI Peel?

I have red marks on my face that look like acne, but the skin over the mark is smooth (not a bump ) like pimples. I have gotten chemical peels before to lighten some of this... READ MORE

Had a VI Peel 2 weeks ago, I'm starting to peel again, normal?

Hi, I had a VI Peel 2 weeks ago and before my peel, I had a regimen of Alcanya Gel in the morning and Tretioin in the evening. I was told by my dermatologist not to stop my... READ MORE

Recent comments from Grittygoddess

Sorry, I hit post comment before I was done, lol. As I was saying, I'm not happy with my results :(... My acne marks didn't get any lighter and my face looks the exact same. I was hoping for results like urs... I will get another peel,... READ COMMENT

Wow! Ur results are A M A Z I N G!! I have acne marks like u, but mine are a bit more red in color, I do have some dark ones as well. I had the VI Acne Peel about 2 weeks ago and I must say, I am dissapointed READ COMMENT

Hi cgarcia9! I don't know if you still check in with this site but I just wanted to tell You that your pics look AMAZING!! I am very jealous :( I have red acne marks throughout my face and they are hard even to conceal with make up.... READ COMMENT