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What you describe as lumps could it be encapsulated tissue? I know someone in germany who has this and is getting treated with cortison now. READ COMMENT

Hi depressedgirl! When I see your actual pictures I have to tell you that it doesnt look as bad as you see it. What do your friends and family say, do they see the effect as you do? I just ask because I did focus on my problem zone... READ COMMENT

Hey :) I would like to ask you how you are doint today? The Injection is 1 year ago and I´d like to now if you feel better now? Has your skin recoverd? I had injections with juvederm 4 weeks ago and have the same problems like you :( ... READ COMMENT

Hello dear, I have the same problems like you with Juvederm-Injections around my mouth .. when I saw your pictures it thought this could be me. So sorry for you and I really hope for you and me that it will be better with time... READ COMMENT