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The Sweetest Dr & Staff Ever! - Orange, NJ Silikon 1000 for lips after failed fat transfer & other fillers

I traveled to NJ Saturday June 28th before NYC Urban Ink Tattoo Convention ... I took lots of selfies before and after. Dr Eric Joseph was amazing :0) very comforting and informative. His staff was very helpful as well! I saw many reviews from his patients and he is the best person to do this procedure in my opinion. I had a FAT TRANSFER to my LIPS and it all reabsorbed within a month... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lips with Dr Bass Vanity Miami Hialeah Location - Hialeah, FL

I absolutely adore my new lips. They were done with my tummy tuck (separate review) and lipo on May 20th 2014 with Vanity Miami's Dr. Siddharth Bass. Originally suppose to have been with dr Fisher but anyone who knows the drama with VM knows what happened. Bass wasn't my choice surgeon but I am pleased with my results. Especially with my lips !! 8 ccs of my own fat altogether. 4 ccs in top... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Lipo Two Area's & Fat transfer to Lips. 10 Day Recovery Stay @ Vanity Miami - FL

I am 32, 5'2 5 previous pregnancies ages 3 yrs to 13 years with 3 Irish triplets!! ( 11 months apart ) so I much need a Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle repair & Lipo. Glad to find out Johnathan Fiscer is having a special on exactly what I need & I am booked for May 20th surgery with him YAY !! LIPS :: So I am having a fat transfer to my lips as well. I am so unsure about how many CCs I should... READ MORE

Having One Syringe Restylane - Pearl River, NY

Do you think this ( one syringe) will be enough?? id like to really plump my lips. I feel like my upper so much smaller so, i want your opinion for a sexy look dr.s :) friends....all comments very welcomed ... adding pics now...a dded this thing wants me to say more but I dont know what to say :0) I can long will this restalyne plump last? and how much more is the actual permanent... READ MORE

Breast Cohesive Silicone 440 HP sub muscular WORTH IT - Pearl River, NY

My dr wants me to bring in pics of what look ' im going for' and this site will not allow a copy paste of a print of any pics !!! ughh very upsetI got a very great dr and im excited only he is insisting on an incision I am uncomfortable with. ive already paid in full to be sure I get my date. ive gotten a discount due to my dr having other surgeons viewing the procedure as he is double board... READ MORE

Questions from Jess_the_Best

Is There a Procedure to Enhance the Puffiness of my Vaginal Lips? (photo)

Ive had 5 vag births and my muscle tone gspot everything is fine barely ripped one stitch..everything is fine to me i still have great orgasms w my great man lol.. but im just... READ MORE

Gummy/round textured from b to d or dd. My breast look great for nursing 4 kids? (photo)

I just had my first consult dr said home run. I want it placed through the nipple. DR & I are clear on submuscular but NOT how its going in. I would really like my feelings... READ MORE

Filling my vagina lips, breast gummy implants & restylane for lips same date? (photo)

(some didnt know what i mean) so i guess here goes photos lol) i want my outer lips thickened, permenantly filled with (?) nothing else im very happy with my vaj so is my man..... READ MORE

iIhave a massy circular 'thing' that pops back up after Breast Augmentation? (Photos)

I have 440cc hp sub muscle crease incision. I didnt feel this due to the stitches being there but on my right breast underneath i can pop this back into place it feels...... READ MORE

What is your procedure after a B/A & What Medications do you provide for healing & Post Op? (Photo)

What is your procedure after a B/A , such as wrapping and after care to tell the patient before leaving your office? & What Medications DO YOU provide for healing & Post Op ?... READ MORE

How do I increase the fullness of my outer lips?

I have had 5 V-births & the outside appearance is looking like tissue loss in the OUTER lips leaving them thinner & close together when i stand up. so im looking wider on top... READ MORE

How many procedures will it take for me to achieve my wish pic? (photos)

 Be Honest...How many procedures and which for a BBL do you think I would I need to get from me PIC A to PIC B my wish pic? Costs? READ MORE

Why wasn't I wrapped tighter immediately following BA surgery?

I awoke from surgery with only my not so supportive sports bra (I wasn't told to get a specific kind) I thought I was going to be wrapped up for weeks lol.. So What would be... READ MORE

Quote for 3 syringes of Restylane or Juvederm for Lips, in NY (Photo)

I had one syringe of Restylane in December and it didn't last long and made barely any change if any difference at all ! I question that the dr even did it as I was asleep... READ MORE

Liposuction : If you gain weight, can it come back unevenly distributed? True or false?


Is it possible to perform a Full Tummy Tuck with minimal scarring under my hip bones? (photos)

I wear low rise jeans and i'm doing research only to see a lot of scarring... alot above the hip bones. I wear very lowrise jeans and bikini's , I heal very well . READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck. What is involved? (Photo)

Tummy Tuck...What is typically involved? Is reconstructing the Ab muscles part of procedure? is it possible not to do anything to my Ab muscles? Im pretty muscular underneath... READ MORE

Can you give me some advice on tummy tuck after care? (Photo)

Materials I should Buy , what do you recommend? Vitamins foods... Im preparing now any advice is much appreciated :) READ MORE

How many Tummy Tucks can a person have?

Curious bc Im having one soon and then I hear about women getting a second one done... how does this work? would the skin stretch again? READ MORE

Perma-Lip OR Dermal Fat Transfer? Which should I get?

What are the pro's - Cons of each? What do you feel will suit me better and where top bottom, edges? I want my lips to look like Lindsay Lohans IDC what people think of her I... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Laser Hair Removal to the pubic area? How painful is it?

Is the pain tolerable down there lol , Instead of a full Brazilian Wax Id like to get a full laser treatment. Typically whats the average cost in NY ? READ MORE

PermaLip, Fat Transfer to Lip OR Silicone injections (how many CCs) to get my PERMANENT results that I am going for? (photos)

Hey, I am scheduled May 20th I haven't yet decided which option I will choose for my permanent Lip Aug...I have done fillers and they do not take well with me..didn't last a... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lips and keeping it in place: Can you lose fat from a Fat Transfer if you take weight loss pills?

I will be having a FT to LIPS with a tummy tuck. I have also heard that taking fat from a stubborn donor spot aids in keeping the fat from the FT in place..any truth to this?... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of abs & flanks & Fat Transfer to Lips - Is it ok to have done during my menstrual cycle? (photo)

Ha, I just realized I scheduled my darn surgery for my very regularly on time menstrual cycle ! May 20th ! Im totally BUMMED ! Please tell me , do I have to reschedule and what... READ MORE

Is 2 1/2 CC of fat transfer to lips enough for me to achieve the results I want? (photos)

Is 2 1/2 cc;s of Fat a good amount for me to achieve the results I want ? Or what would you recommend? I have already had fillers I want something permanent I had 1 syringe of... READ MORE

Is it possible to determine amount of fat makes up my total weight in my flanks and stomach only? (Photo)

I know they have scales now that determine the amount of muscle and fat the body has I forget the term that is used for it.. But is it possible for me to determine how much of... READ MORE

Is it alright to tan after tummy tuck?

I go indoor tanning usually in the stand up booth but summers coming so ill be on the beach hopefully after my incision heals up. Surgery may 20th. I live in NY so we only get... READ MORE

Why do you have to remove piercings during surgery?

Why does Nail polish , artificial nails & gel polish have to come off ? why do piercings have to come out and ... Most importantly what do you do when you have a patient with a... READ MORE

Tummy tuck 5/20 still bleeding from new belly button and it's still extremely swollen. How much blood is too much? (Photo)

I saw surgeon before flight home he said to keep contact but I am wondering how much blood is too much? and I am keeping a gauze inside my bb to prevent it from closing READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 3 weeks post-op. New belly button is still bleeding. It began right after the 5th day post op. What should I do? (pho

My belly button seems full of blood when I take out the gauze to clean it. i was using neosporin but stopped and using plain gauze now to try and dry it up. I do not know why... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have Liposculpture to inner & outer thighs, lower back and lower belly to improve buttock?

Generally how much would this -package cost and what are the limits to the amount of fat which can be taken out ? ? I also just had a tummy tuck also so I would need to know... READ MORE

I've had Breast Augmentation - 5 months post op and on, is there any aftercare I should be concerned with? (photo)

I dont want to forget that I have them and later have a problem because I didnt properly care for them so my question is basically is there anything "else" i have to do afterwards. READ MORE

"cohesive" silicone gel implants, Are they safe under hot body temperatures? (Photo)

How cohesive is this gel under hot body temperatures? it seems to get softer in hotter temps READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op TT/lipo of flanks, bb issues finally healing leaving a red bump. How soon can I have Liposonix? (Photo)

How long do I have to wait to do this ? Liposonix or the other machine that does the same thing. also what if I got liposculpture how long after Tummy Tuck should I wait for... READ MORE

After a Tummy Tuck with muscle repair & no complications, When is it safe to resume core muscle workouts? (photos)

I would like to strengthen my midsection,i am short so if i don't work out im feeling b/c the muscle repair pulled me so tight the top of my abdomen is looking "pulled out" I... READ MORE

32 days post op Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair, can you recommend some workouts? Diets? Supplements? (photos)

Can you recommend some workouts? Diets ? Supplements ? Is whey protein good for me while I wok out my core Muscles? core strengthening exercises 32 days post op Tummy Tuck... READ MORE

SilikonĀ® 1000. is it possible my lips aren't producing collagen? If so, why? (Photo)

I just had Silikon 1000. Instead of calling my Dr i want to have this posted for others thanks. Over a month ago I had fat transfer w my TT. All reabsorbed within a month.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 5/20/14 I am left with dog ears & unevenness from scar down to pubic area , a bit bigger than it ever was. (photo)

What are some of the procedures used to correct this and should it be included in the entire costs. (no extra cost to fix) and do you think a permanent filler could be an... READ MORE

Which procedures you can recommend being best for the correction under the eye depression? (photos)

I am 32 !!! For the past few years it seems stress has gotten to me, maybe my medications i dont know. All I know is my under eye depression has got to go , for good! Any... READ MORE

Tummy tuck & Internal corset stitching, resulting in what looks like a Hernia. Is this possible?

Is it possible to get a hernia after a tummy tuck procedure where you get internal corset stitching of the upper stitching undoes OR perhaps the dr didn't stitch up high... READ MORE

I want to remove eyebrow tattoos. My biggest concern is losing the hair as well as the healing process. What should I expect?

My biggest concern is obviously losing the hair as well and the healing process. Is this going to blister up... What should I expect? READ MORE

Complications for post TT & BA pregnancy concerns. Awareness of complications for women post TT?

I personally have had both TT & BA im more concerned about knowing post Tummy tuck concerns with pregnancy. ANY info is appreciated thank you READ MORE

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MEXICO ; Can I use my Care Credit to purchase a procedure with a provider in Mexico ?

I have seen so many reviews for Laura Carmina Cardenas, MD & I really wish to buy the tickets and book the surgery I feel I will get so much more and the results I want from... READ MORE

Vanity Miami Recovery Home

HTthis is it ladies and the bullshit you read about having a 10 day driver to bring you to miami's hotspots   NOT TRUEhave a car a rental and go food... READ MORE

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Total waste of money for real with the lips READ COMMENT

Well im happy with my 'incision decision' id rather have a bomb doctor then no feeling in my nips which I have back! ;0) READ COMMENT

Im sure it will be nicer now its been a while ! sorry I wasnt here logged on to Answer you! Now i can ask you !! lol READ COMMENT