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bad experience

I would love a chance to go to someone else... but it's too late. I look aweful. There are a LOT of good FACIAL plastic surgeons out there. For a face lift, go to someone who does a lot of them. It makes a HUGE difference... I wish I could undo what happened to me and go to someone else. I wish there had been reviews about her on Realself before I went, but oddly, all these good ones are new... READ MORE

Questions from ittybit

Has Anyone Had Success with Hyperbaric Treatment for a Tissue Flap from a Facelift Not Getting Enough Blood/Oxygen? (photo)

I just had my first treatment to see if it would help, since 9 days after my SMAS facelift I have areas that are struggling to heal right and turning dark. Doc put me on... READ MORE

3 Weeks and Look 'Worked On' and Very Asymmetrical. Is That Normal? (photo)

Also had skin necrosis treated with hyperbarics, told by another surgeon was from flaps too tight. not sure if internal healing not happening correctly too or its normal to be... READ MORE

How Do I Know That my Lumps and Bumps (3.5 Weeks Post Op of a Facelift) Are Normal and Not Fat Necrosis?

Had a SMAS lift and ended up with some skin necrosis. Got it under control, but now I'm worried that MY lumps and bumps may be fat necrosis vs the usual lumps and bumps. Is it... READ MORE

Lower Cheek Bump Looks More Like a Welt and is a Little Raised. (Visible) 4 Weeks After my SMAS Lift. Normal?

I know that lumps and bumps are normal, but I have what looks more like a welt.. somewhat red around the border and raised. It's on my lower cheek. I had skin necrosis and now... READ MORE

I Had Angioedema Right After Local (For General Anesthesia) and Wonder if That Attributed to my Asymmetry? (photo)

(Lips, Tounge,cheeks) I have been told by another surgeon that the surgery should have been rescheduled. I had skin necrosis (and I don't smoke) and I was also told it was from... READ MORE

7 Weeks After my SMAS Lift, Hard Lumps and Striations. Massaging Not Seeming to Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a SMAS lift 7 weeks ago, and very unhappy with results. Had a coupe second opinions, and seems docs style was not good. I have hard, visible lumps on one side that look... READ MORE