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Breasts Implants Are Full of Complications - Got an Explant

I always wanted a breast augmentation since I was young, 17 years old, but thought I was too young so thought I would some day do it. I waited patiently but growing up I had other things to worry about, that never really came to mind for awhile. At age 20-23 I had gained weight and I for once felt I filled out a bra. After 23 I lost weight and the thought was there again, but as I asked... READ MORE

Lipo nightmare DO NOT do this procedure - Dr. Raul Gongora

I went in the Operating Room for upper back and arm lipo, basically where the fat is connected to the back of the arm on Aug 24 with Raul Gongora located in Av. Sonora 4411-6 Fracc. Chapultepech Tijuana, B.C. Mexico... thinking I would look better. Everything felt rushed, I remember just telling him I want my arms this side ok and the part of this on my back. I kept pinching the fat when I was... READ MORE

Explant pictures 3 months post op

I'm feeling very depressed and need the implants out, I have had bad thoughts and dont want to feel this way anymore. I feel like I'm going crazy, I'm 2 wks post op and I can't sleep at night bcoz of the pain, I don't think I can trust my original ps to explant them as he is more known for BA. I don't have enough money to explant eith so I'm hoping I can get a loan or just a ps that can... READ MORE

Questions from FaithandHope11

Should I Get the Incision on the Same Area or Another Area to Prevent Deformities? (photo)

I am 3 wks post op and I can't wait to explant I know this is the right decision for me, I had the incision around the areola with 415cc I believe ultra high Profile, under the... READ MORE

When Will Skin Not Feel Wrinkly and Unable to Stretch with Pain Because of Arm Lipo?

I had liposuction in many areas that I did not give consent, now becoming problem areas, but as to arm lipo i only see one incision on the inside of my upper inner arm close... READ MORE

Why dont you offer simple HLA test for risk of autoimmune response before patients consent to breast implant surgery?

Why aren't there more regulations regarding breast implants and why don't surgeons offer simple HLA test for genetic factors for risk of autoimmune response before consenting... READ MORE

Can a compression garment cause burns right after power assisted liposuction or tumescent liposuction?

I have seen plenty of women get liposuction and have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns, is it true they are caused by the compression garment or is this the surgeons technique?... READ MORE

How do I alleviate the pain from a skin to muscle deformity after liposuction?

I got liposuction 5 months ago and I am still in pain. I have seen other "board certified surgeons" and they all have told me I was overresected. I have seen another plastic... READ MORE

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Have you experienced skin adherence from liposuction?

I went in surgery on Aug 24, 2013 for liposuction. My surgeon lipo'd areas I never gave consent to (seems to happen quite often but no surgeon ever admits to it) because of... READ MORE

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Unfortunately certifications do not matter, I know more than 7 women who have been harmed by american board certified surgeons, and that is actually worse for the patients because those surgeons have $$$$ to save their reputation, and... READ COMMENT

I see that my photos were also downsized :/ they look grainy, my file may have been too large, but nonetheless you can see most of the damage READ COMMENT

I have uploaded some pictures, just so others can see what I am dealing with now. I think what I feel is much worse than what I look. Just imagine you have a constant burn/pins and needles/prickling/pain that won't leave. :/ Thanks for... READ COMMENT

Yes, they do, the damage is too much, my blood supply has been compromised. There is nothing to fix because I have no fat at all, my skin is completely attached to my muscle. And the bumps I have on my skin is loose skin. All the... READ COMMENT

@AlaLipoonthighs I completely 100% understand, and know exactly why you would not disclose his name SPECIALLY on this website. These surgeons can, and will get away with everything. @fitlady you are obviously not a legal professional if... READ COMMENT