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Great in the Lips - Mount Kisco, NY

I had juvederm ultra plus done in my lips. I really like the result. However I really bruised when I did it in my tear troughs. I prefer Restylane for that area. READ MORE

I Love Radiesse - Mount Kisco, NY

I had radiesse in my cheekbones and temples. Make sure your injector uses a cannula and goes medial. READ MORE

Dysport is Excellent - Mount Kisco, NY

Kicks in faster and has a more smoothing effect than Botox. I also think it lasts a little longer although no toxin lasts all that long on me. This is forever for the upper third of the face. I think Botox works better for me when I use it in my mentalis and DAOs. READ MORE

Deleted All Acne from my Face and Permanently Shrank Sebaceous Glands - New York, NY

My face was not cystic, but i had a lot of acne. None of it has come back on my checks, forehead, or upper lip. The lip third of my face by my chin and jaw break out but it is the difference between a face full of acne and a few zits. My nose was the only thing that really relapsed. All of my blackheads were gone and the pores shrank by the sides of the nose, however this went back to the way... READ MORE

Acne Fell Off; Under It Was Smooth Skin - New York, NY

Had an alpha beta peel done. All of my acne fell off my face. My skin was coming off in sheets in my spanish class. Under it was smooth clear skin. I was happy with the result however the acne came back. Later I went on accutane. READ MORE

Started It at 18 for Forehead Lines

Pro: very effective painless helps with migranes helps with sweating Con: Somewhat addictive I started getting Botox when I turned 18 for vertical forehead lines, which smoothed out completely. At first one side raised higher than the other so I went back and got that fixed. I am almost twenty and this is my fourth time having it done. I went to one doctor and got 30... READ MORE