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62 Yr Old with Previous Fillers and Was in Need of Some in the Tear Trough Area - New York

Dr. Kassir does not seem to know anatomy as he injected into the cheek area in the spot I did not need any. He inserted the needle at more of a 90 degree angle to my face which is inappropriate. He left a horrible bruise and sure enough there is a remaining blackish area still visible weeks later. From what I read it is possible this will never go away. His technique was poor, he was... READ MORE

dont get botox in the forehead unless you want it frozen - New York, NY

If you don't mind not being able to move your forehead at ALL, then Botox is for you. Personally, I have found it distracting, caused increased pain the the hairline and temple area, made my thinking dull as well as my emotions. Since the injections in my forehead, I have felt I developed ADD. It is that distracting. It will not be to all, but please know it could happen to you. Do the... READ MORE