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Never Thought This Would Happen. Do Your Research Before Getting This Surgery - Shreveport, LA

I decided to get implants back in the beginning of May after a trip my husband and I took to Florida. I have always had a thin model like figure and desired to be curvier. I had my breast done on December of last year with absolutely no problems so I didn't think this would be much different. I was wrong. I wish I would have done more research before I made the decision to have the surgery.... READ MORE

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Should I Keep Waiting? I got my implants about 6 months ago. (photo)

Alittle over a month ago my doctor told me I was healed after being on antibiotics and having to get restitched twice. 2 weeks after the incision started bleeding and draining.... READ MORE

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Yes only one incision and yes under the muscle. READ COMMENT

Well when it first happened my doctor was wanting to remove them but I actually went to see another surgeon who said they looked great and in his opinion it was too soon for removal. He had a patient do the same thing and she healed it... READ COMMENT

How long did you have your implants in before they were removed? When you had them removed did you heal and go back to normal aside from the way it looked? I have very little drainage right now, but before a couple of days ago I was... READ COMMENT

I went to see my doctor yesterday... he said that there is a small pin whole in the insision. I asked about having them taken out and he said after everything we have been through that its too soon. I go back to see him in 3 weeks. Why... READ COMMENT

Ive had my implants since May 5'th. About three weeks later the ensision split open do to the access fluid build up and I didnt have drain plugs. He re stitched me up and I kept the stitches in for almost a month. I was still leaking... READ COMMENT