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Ablative Laser Vs Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Between these two, which is stronger for under eye lines: Ablative laser or Laser skin resurfacing? READ MORE

Vi Peel Vs Vitalize Peel

What is stronger Vi peel or Vitalize peel? Which one will you peel more from? READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser Diminish Transferred Fat?

If you have had fat transfer in the lips and nasalobial fold and then had Fraxel Laser (Restore) over thoese areas, can that decrease the fat in the areas? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Increased Collagen in the Lips?

The doctor went over my lips by accident with Fraxel Laser (Restore), and now my lips are so swollen it won't go down. Could that have increased the fat that was... READ MORE

70 Joules Fraxel Setting Too Strong?

I had 2 Fraxel laser treaments both of them done with 6 passes all over the face but the second one was done at the setting of 70 joules. Is that to strong? She said that was... READ MORE

Possible to Develop Jowling or Loose Skin from Fraxel Laser?

Has anybody else developed jowling or loose skin or loss of muscle tone from fraxel laser? READ MORE

Can Muscle Spasms After Facelift Hurt the Results?

I had a facelift 5 months ago and ive been getting face spams the whole 5 months and strong ones at that. a lot of them are on the side of my face right by my ear, the side of... READ MORE

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It wasnt a surgeon. It was a doctor that did my fraxel laser and yes it was a real fraxel machine. I dont remember my excat total but it was expensive it was either i spent 1,800 for each treament or it was 1,800 for the 2 treaments i... READ COMMENT


I havent updated in a long time but things have gotten worse again i have ongoing inflammation, my face is burning and itches all of the time. Wanted just update since its been awhile READ COMMENT

I had a surgeon that did the fat graft in nebraska but that is not where i went for the lift that was in beverly hills california. but the fat grat was done long before the fraxel was ever done.. yes i had lots of fat loss from the... READ COMMENT

I think you will be ok with a lift that really is the only thing to do because fat grafting and vitimans to get our faces half way back to normal but make sure you go to a well know surgeon or you could run into more problems.. Take... READ COMMENT