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Acne Facial and Skincare Regimen at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery is Clearing Up My Stubborn Acne - Carmel, IN

I broke out some time ago with a horrible case of acne across my lower face. Just horrible! It would not go away. Long story short, it seems that it was caused by the prescription testosterone that I had been on for a year or so from my ObGyn. I tried many different things to clear up my acne... READ MORE

Lightening Post-Plastic Surgery Scarring Via V-Beam Laser with Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery (Shannon the Aesthetician)

Serious complication from a brachioplasty with another plastic surgeon left my arms with hypertrophic and darker scars. You may read about the brachioplasty complication here: Now more than... READ MORE

Restylane Under the Eyes Does the Trick, with Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery, Carmel IN

I had excess SMAS removed during my facelift and added to the hollows under my eyes in 2013. The preferred method by Dr. Winslow would have been for her to use excess fat from my abdomen. However, I'd had a body lift two months earlier and I did not have any excess fat for her to harvest.... READ MORE

Never Thought I'd Get Botox. Never Say Never! Great Results! Dr. Catherine Winslow, Carmel IN

I never thought I'd let someone inject a botulism compound into me. But when Dr. Winslow gave me this pretty, young face with a face lift and other procedures (see my review), I just had to get rid of the 11s between my eye brows. I looked like I was scowling! One injection and viola, I have my... READ MORE

So Excited About My Lip Augmentation with Dr. Catherine Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery, Carmel IN

I have beautifully-shaped lips but they're smaller than I desire -- especially the upper lip. So I've been getting filler injected into my lips to make them really pop. Nurse Triste at Dr. Winslow's office does a fabulous job; she's the only ACE-certified injector in the state. But darn filler... READ MORE

50yo Sun Worshipper Got 35% TCA Peel and Erased Sins of the Past - THRILLED w/Result and w/Dr. Catherine Winslow, Carmel IN

I am scheduled for a tuck up (see my face lift review) and decided to go for the chemical peel while I am under, which I had opted out of when Dr. Winslow did my face lift last year. I had skipped it because I was not ready to give up tanning. Tanning would destroy the results of the TCA peel.... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life 1-year Post-op. I Look Better at 50 Than I Did at 30! Thanks to Dr. Catherine Winslow, Facial Plastic Surgeon

*Price reflects cost of my entire facial plastic surgery of 7 procedures. See my other reviews on my profile page. Dr. Winslow has done a simply incredible job of rejuvenating my face. Massive weight gain and loss had left sagging skin not only on my body (which was addressed by a body... READ MORE

Consultation Only - Dr. Raj Sood, Eskanazie Hospital, Indianapolis, IN, Lacks Compassion and Humanity. - Indianapolis, IN

Sood came extremely highly recommended to me by several plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals. Indeed, he is among an elite group being 1 of 35 or so chiefs of plastic surgery in the nation. Sood specializes in successfully treating the scars of burn victims. In fact when I met him... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Looks Like I Had an Eye Lid Lift! Great Voluma Results from Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery

Massive weight gain and loss of 125 pounds had left my face and body with sagging skin. I describe my face as looking like a St. Bernard's face and my body wearing an ill-fitted suit of skin. So last year I fulfilled a long held dream to have plastic surgery and erase the last traces of my... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life from 24W to 2 - Thanks to Plastic Surgery 10-yrs After Gastric Bypass I'm Living Larger Than Ever!

I grew from a fit teenager to a fat 22 year old and became a processed food junkie and couch potato. I later developed diabetes, celiac disease, depression, acid reflux, asthma, and hypertension. I was in my 30s, morbidly obese and on ~10 prescription medications. Since 2003 I've maintained... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Filler is Amazing with Dr. Catherine Winslow (Triste). My Lips Are So Kissable! My St. Bernard's Face is Gone!

Even after all the plastic surgeries I had had done to my body and I was against getting filler when I had my facial plastic surgery done. I just did not like the idea of putting a foreign substance into my body. But after hearing about the safety profile of Juvaderm , and learning that it was... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Chin Implant As Part of a Facial Rejuvenation by Dr. Catherine Winslow, Carmel IN, Definitely WORTH IT!

Massive weight loss had left my face and neck with sagging skin that aged me. On 12-12-13 I underwent facial rejuvenation by Dr. Winslow, which included seven procedures -- among them a chin implant and neck lift. The result was nothing short of dramatic. I am thrilled! Dr. Catherine Winslow is... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Breast Augmentation and Revision with Dr. Joseph F. Capella - Excited to Complete My Total Body Transformation

I had been contemplating body contouring plastic surgery after having lost more than 100 pounds from gastric bypass surgery in 2003. I met with Dr. Joseph F. Capella in 2006 and from that initial meeting I knew he was the one whom I wanted to perform my surgery. I had met with several plastic... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Butt Lift (no augmentation) Total Body Contouring after Weight Loss w/ Dr. Joseph F. Capella

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had facial rejuvenation and body contouring from head to knee! Massive weight loss ten-years earlier from gastric bypass had left my face and body with sagging skin that aged me and interfered with the way clothes fit. After body contouring and facial... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Massive Weight Gain & Loss Ruined My Face but Dr. Catherine Winslow Made My Dreams Come True -- and No Scars!

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had facial rejuvenation and body contouring from head to knee! It all began with a tummy tuck on April 18th. Those results we're so dramatic that I decided to follow through on my long-held dream to do a total transformation. Massive weight loss had... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Making Peace w/ Serious Arm Lift Complications after Major 6hr Surgery (4 procedures) w/ Dr. Joseph F. Capella

I've wanted this surgery since 2006 with Dr. Capella and I am finally realizing my dream. Dr. Capella's technique is to make one long incision from the elbow down the side of the flanks and under the breast resulting in a beautiful contour. He is very well known for his arm lifts, and has the... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life's Two-Stage Breast Lift and Implants. Lift first, implants 1-yr later - Dr. Joseph F. Capella, Ramsey, NJ

I am under-going a total body transformation after massive weight loss with the leading plastic surgeon in this category, Dr. Joseph F. Capella. You may follow my experience and see my photos here. They look pretty good in my sports bra, but still not sure if I like them nude. I can see... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life "Thighs are Almost Model-Like." 4 Procedures w/Dr. Joseph F. Capella, THE Master of Body Contouring after MWL

I had a tummy tuck and mons lift with Dr. Joseph F. Capella on April 18, 2013. My results were amazing. You may read about it here. So now I've decided to do a total body transformation. I am scheduled for a 6-hr surgery on October 10th. Dr. Capella will revise my tummy tuck to a lower body... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life from Fat to Fab in 1-year! Dr. Joseph F. Capella Transformed Me! Body Lift, Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Thigh Lift

I had a tummy tuck and mons lift with Dr. Joseph F. Capella on April 18, 2013. My results were amazing. So I've decided to do a total body transformation. I am scheduled for a 6-hr surgery on October 10th. Dr. Capella will revise my tummy tuck to a lower body lift, do further tightening of my... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life 1-yr Post Tummy Tuck. Dr. Joseph F. Capella Changed My Life at 49yo! Results Are So Much More Than Expected!

Across the decades I have been every size, from a junior size 7 to a women’s size 24. As of this writing, 4-1/2 months post tummy tuck I am a perfect misses’ size 8 jean. I never thought I could have a body like this at age 49. I lost 18 inches and 20-lbs. Here's the big reveal: 8” from my wa... READ MORE

Questions from My Bariatric Life

Axilla dehisced and arm has superficial necrosis, hypergranulation, limited ROM after brachioplasty? (photo)

How would you DX and TX? Pix 1-2 are right arm and pic 3 is left axilla at 5 weeks post op. All wounds began at 2 weeks post op and have not healed. Still have limited range of... READ MORE

What are the Pros and Cons of scar revision by excising the scar versus laser treatment?

I had a total body lift last year - extended arm lift, breast lift, inner thigh lift, and body lift (tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, and buttock lift) - and a face lift. So now I... READ MORE

What approach would you take to correct 3-mos post op thigh lift scar migration and prevent from happening again? (Photo)

The details: I had dissolvable sutures. My surgeon does not believe in securing the thigh to the bone. I am a massive weight loss patient. My incisions run down to my knees and... READ MORE

I can't sit or lay on my tailbone 3-mos post buttock lift, and have continuous chaffing. How would you correct it? (Photo)

I have a substantial buttock but there is virtually no fat left on my tailbone. It has been painful since I was in the recovery room to sit or lay on my behind. My surgeon said... READ MORE

What procedure(s) can be used to make my mid-section smaller after body lift? (Photos)

I have excess that was not removed with upper and lower body lifts. What would be my next steps for correcting this? In the photos, I show what my waist/trunk look like now and... READ MORE

I am 36DD, 158 pounds after massive weight loss, 5'7" tall, 50yo. How would you create big beautiful breasts for me? (Photo)

I've had total body contouring and facial rejuvenation. Lastly I'll get saline mod profile submuscular implants and then I'm done! I lack upper pole fullness and have oddly... READ MORE

Is there a hormonal or physiological change after a tummy tuck or body lift that causes intense increased sexual desire?

During my recovery after a tummy tuck and another patient's recovery after a body lift, we both experienced intense increased sexual desire. I stress that this was early in... READ MORE

2-stage lift & implant post MWL. Is my lift a failure or good? What implants and other procedures do I need in stage 2? (Photos)

 5'7" 160lbs, 41.5-33-38, 36" band, 50yo, RNY 2003, plastic surgery 2013. Based on my photos a number of surgeons have said I have an awful breast lift. My surgeon said it... READ MORE

Is it the gold standard to plicate the transverse abdominus muscles (corset technique) and the rectus abdominus muscle? (Photo)

I am a massive weight loss woman who had a tummy tuck in April 2013. I had it converted to a body lift in November. Despite a great result there is excess in the horizontal... READ MORE

What would you do to make my square, "dirty diaper" buttocks round and pretty? (Photo)

I am a massive weight loss woman who underwent upper/lower body lift and thigh lift. My surgeon said he would make my buttocks round and pretty but they are square and a "dirty... READ MORE

Limited ROM, pain, banding/webbing, hypertrophic dark scars, adhesions 9-mos post brachioplasty. How would you fix my arm? (pix)

I am in OT 1x/week and ASTIM 2x/week for limited ROM caused by brachioplasty in Oct. Therapist says skin cannot stretch as it's healed. The collagen is out of whack and it... READ MORE

A friend needs breast reconstruction post cancer, plus body contouring surgery post bariatrics. Does order of procedures matter?

I am asking this question for a friend who had breast cancer surgery. One breast was greatly reduced (or as she puts it, "a lot of the stuffing was taken out"). Her insurance... READ MORE

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Wonderful results!!! I agree that Dr. Winslow is incredibly gifted. Love her! Enjoy!!! READ COMMENT

Congratulations on your achievement. I think it is difficult to find a surgeon to do plastic surgery on a patient with lipedema (sp). I am glad Dr. Fisher was able to help you! READ COMMENT

WOW! That is amazing. I had one liter of fat removed during my thigh lift. I believe it is equal to 2 pounds. So you had 14 pounds of fat removed. Incredible. You must have felt light as a feather when the swelling went down. I am so... READ COMMENT

I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations! He did an amazing job! READ COMMENT