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What Seems to Be the Problem: Capsular Contracture, Bottoming Out, Swelling or All Three? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm concerned about my nipples and whether they sit slightly high on my breast mound as well as what appears to be the implants hanging out underneath my breasts... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture and Implant Pockets Dissected Too Low? (photo)

Dear doctors, Almost 2 months after surgery and I still have breast asymmetry. I had 300 ml Moderate+ implants placed under muscles. Right after surgery I had double bubbles... READ MORE

Capsular contracture? Should I continue to wear bandeau 2 months after surgery? (photo)

(PS ordered at least 6 more weeks) Dear doctors, 2 months after surgery and I fear that I may have CC in R breast. One breast is significantly higher than the other, as well as... READ MORE

Can reducing the breast implants damage tissues or result in a large area of stretched out skin? (Photo)

Dear doctors, Six months ago I had a breast augmentation - 300 ml unders, Moderate +. Aside from being very unhappy with the placement I am also very unhappy with the size and... READ MORE

Loss of sensation after breast augmentation

Dear doctors, I had surgery six months ago, 300 cc unders. My breasts and nipples were v. sensitive before surgery, but at this point I have lost most sensation in my left... READ MORE

Options to enhance thin upper lip & minimize distance between nose and mouth? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I am unhappy with my thin upper lip and the distance between my nose and mouth, which is 1.5 cm. My front teeth show slightly when part my lips slightly. The... READ MORE

Lip lift accompanied with fillers in cheeks or cheek implants - is this a good idea? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I'm 25 yrs old and have been underweight for many years. I'm noticing aging signs such as flat cheeks, droopy mouth corners, beginning of jowls, protruding mouth... READ MORE

What can be achieved with V-Y lip plasty and fillers above lips?

Dear doctors, My upper lip ages me. The distance between my nose and upper lip is longer than before. My upper lip looks thin and asymmetric. I have very little upper teeth... READ MORE

What Laser treatment would you recommend for thin skin?

Dear doctors I'm 26 years old, but my skin looks older. It's thin and slightly loose with some vague signs of long lines around the mouth. I don't smoke and I live a healthy... READ MORE

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1.1 cm is certainly not perfect for everyone. If my upper lip was that length I'd be looking like a crazy beaver. It's all about proportions. Artesslanyc, you look stunning! READ COMMENT

Did you actually gain back the sensation that you had lost after your breast augmentation? :) Because that is quite amazing!! READ COMMENT

Wow! I just had to check back with you to see how you're recovering and if you're feeling good. Can I just say that you look absolutely amazing! This is so great to see! :) I can't wait until I can afford getting surgery done. I want my... READ COMMENT

You really do look absolutely fabulous :) Congratulations!!! How do you feel? I ended up getting a revision last Friday. The doctor agreed to do it without any additional costs since my insurance covered the capsular contracture and the... READ COMMENT

Oh my god, I totally forgot to wish you good luck! Hope everything went well and that you're gonna wake up and feel happy and and and...! READ COMMENT