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BBL and Fat Graft to Hips/flanks After Aggressive Liposuction. Is It Possible? - Bay Area, CA

Aggressive liposuction to front and back hips, flanks and appears to be upper butt left me with no curves and very thin and unmatched upper to lower body. Also seems liposuction was aggressive to my inner thighs also leaving me with very thin legs. I hope I can correct this in the future through a bbl and fat graft to the hips or flanks to give me fuller hips an hourglass shape and fuller... READ MORE

Only a Few Days out but I Look So Small, I Feel I Look Like a Board. Help - California, CA

I'm really concerned. I am a few days out from lipo to the upper lower ab, hips, thighs. I have bathed and took a look at myself in the mirror, I am really regretting the hip liposuction. I feel that I look straight up and down like a board. I am wondering since I am so soon out of surgery and already looking like this does this mean my feminine shape will never return? I feel so... READ MORE

Questions from loveheartlove888

How Much of the Results Can You See Within the First Days?

I just had liposuction a few days ago. When I was changing into my garment I noticed that my hips look so slender, my bottom looks very unfeminine, I no longer have the rounded... READ MORE

Just Had Lipo. I Think Too Much Fat Was Removed from Hips and Thighs. Revision Fat Grafts and Pain? (photo)

I recently had liposuction of upper, lower abdomen, inner, outer thighs, side, back hips. During my first consultation I was 30 pounds heavier. During our second consultation... READ MORE

Is the Back of my Hips (Flanks?) Skin on Muscle? (photo)

When I took a shower after the second day from having liposuction of the hips and what I assume is the flanks or back of the hip I notice that I could feel the muscle very hard... READ MORE

Can I Take Serrapeptase and Rub Honey on Liposuctioned Areas?

I am concerned about developing internal scaring and wondering if I can rub honey on the skin of liposuctioned areas and take serrapeptase enzyme? If so how soon after the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Different Ps to Do my Follow Ups?

My own PS is hours away and I am having a very uncomfortable recovery. I have called a few others who say to stick with him for the follow up care. What is the process for... READ MORE

Can a Fat Graft Correct Multiple Areas from Too Much Liposuction?

I'm 2 weeks out but I can see that all my feminine curves are gone. The doctor removed so much that my pelvic bones are protruding. He took out so much from my inner thighs and... READ MORE

Vertical Neck Bands After Chin Liposuction Will This Resolve?

I'm 1 month post liposuction of the chin. I had some lumps and bumpiness which seems to be going down with massage but when I lift my chin up there are visible hard vertical... READ MORE

Post Liposuction, Is There Any Hope of Doing BBL or Fat Graft to Bring my Curves Back? (photo)

I had liposuction of the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hips and flanks. I am unhappy that the liposuction was aggressive in my hip, flank, upper butt area. I look curvy from... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for bbl post liposuction? (photo)

I had lipo to (hips, flanks, abs, inner/outer thighs) approx. 3 months ago. I was unhappy to see my feminine curves gone. I've since gained weight in preparation for fat... READ MORE

Discussions started by loveheartlove888

How did you gain weight for round 2 or 3 and where did you gain the weight?

My doctor was too aggressive with liposuction to the hips and flanks now I have no curves at all so I'm researching bbl or fat graft to hips and flanks.  I'm curious for... READ MORE

Has anyone fixed botched lipo with fat grafting or bbl? What was your experience?

Anyone had fat graft to correct aggressive liposuction?  Did it work? READ MORE

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Do you have an opinion on how hard recovery is with a bbl, no lift? READ COMMENT

Stoker did a horrible job on me. Very poor communication, rushed consultations. He liposuctioned 8 areas of my body, one which was not consented and recommended at least 10 lipo procedures including my cheeks when I am tall and thin. ... READ COMMENT

Good luck! Can't wait to see your beautiful results. READ COMMENT

Did he prescribe antinausea meds? Those might help if you are still nauseated after surgery. The pain meds might make you nauseous too. READ COMMENT

OMG, I think you should go to the emergency room or at lease see another doctor. This doesn't seem normal to have open holes. Hopefully you're still on antibiotics. READ COMMENT