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I'm a Chinese 32 Years Old Male, 1 Month PO, If I Get More Will Face Look Slimmer?

First time I had my Botox.  According to doc, the dilution is 1bottle 100units = 4cc. Which mean 1cc = 25units. Is this dilution normal? I had 1cc each jaw, 1.5cc for... READ MORE

32 Chinese male, switched from Botox (Aug 2013) to Dysport (Dec 2013), 1st time on Dysport? (photo)

Am I given enough Dysport dosage? Had 1st Botox 4mths ago, great result (25ū each jaw, 37.5ū forehead&glabellar&crowfeet-can't remember specific unit on each area). Y... READ MORE

Botox dosage VS Dysport dosage?

BOTOX - 25ū each jaw, 37.5ū for forehead&glabellar&crowfeet (can't remember specific unit on each area). DYSPORT - 100ū each jaw, 70ū forehead, 40ū glabellar, 50ū crowf... READ MORE

How should I apply Retin A if I'm doing night shift work?

I start my night shift at 12am n finish at 9am. Normally I'll get home around 11am n head to bed. Can I apply my retin a during day time while I'm sleeping? My window is... READ MORE