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I'm happy with the actual results of the surgery. Legs don't rub together. Don't have to keep pulling my shorts down. Things like that. So in that respect, it was great. The scars wouldn't have been so terrible either, if I didn't... READ COMMENT

I really want to do my arms!! Good luck on the MTL. Guess I can say this, yes it is harder than the others, but I've had way worse (non-cosmetic) and survived...though at times I questioned whether I would, lol! I think if you go... READ COMMENT

I will have to go look up the manufacturer. Don't have my card with me now. Yep, they are saline and I'd go them again. Doc recommended against silicone for first ones. Mine move/look/feel just fine so I'm happy with saline. READ COMMENT

I really don't think so. I think gravity just sucks. Lol. READ COMMENT

My pain was mostly from the swelling. Not having full range of motion was less discomfort than the swelling. At two weeks post op, I was doing phenomenal. "Better than most" he said. At two weeks and two days, I ballooned up and was... READ COMMENT