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A Little Swollen Still but I Do Like It, Especially with Makeup on - Albania

I didnt like the hump/bump on my nose as well as the droopy/bulbous tip, so i went back to albania to get in touch with an italian doctor who drastically changed not only the shape, but also the size of my nose. i am hoping my nose does not collapse because he took alot of bone, and did septum work as well. there is some tip assymetry and general assymetry because i had a serious... READ MORE

Questions from butterfly101

Is my Nose Overcorrected, and Will the One Side Even out with the Other As Swelling Goes Down? (photo)

Im 3 weeks post op, and i think my nose was overcorrected a bit. other than that i had a severe hemorrage on the 6th day with the cast and tampons in. a doctor removed one of... READ MORE

Why Haven't the Stitches from my Septo/rhinoplasty Dissolved?

I am 1 month post-op and i still have stiches on my septum that are hard and stick out.. it feels very weird when i tug on them, and im scared to pull them out because they... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Dissolvable Stitches on my Own?

I had my rhinoplast/septoplasty oversees.. it has been over a month the stitches on the septum havent dissolved. when i tug on the knots i feel a weird sensation within the... READ MORE

Do i have an open roof deformity, inverted v deformity and collapsed nasal valve? (Photo)

Its been7 months post op and I'm starting to see some problems.. my breathing is also a little obstructed. my nose was fairly large and was downsized quite a bit. I'm worried... READ MORE

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Good luck !!!! :) READ COMMENT

No photos again ? this is a fake review. this doctor is shit! READ COMMENT

This is all lies. this is not a real person. this joke of a doctor is coming on this site and writing self reviews. check her other reviews.... she ruined a woman's face. READ COMMENT

From the picture your nose actually looks very nice, its a nice triangular shape with very even nostrils. you are still very swollen..your nose looks turned up because 1) the surgeon probably shortened it a bit, and 2) A TURNT UP NOSE... READ COMMENT

My goodness, she completely ruined your nose!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would burn her alive if she did that to me... im so glad you went in for revision, would love to see photos, also to make your nose appear thinner, you can always use makeup... READ COMMENT