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Can Someone Recommend Me a Good Surgeon with Promising Fat Grafting Result? I Need Help

One month ago, I did my jowls ,jawline and neck lipo with a surgeon located in a foreign undeveloped country. I regretted so much for my decision to go surgery with him. I chanced upon his video in some media and was attempted by his promising surgery result and cheap price. Originally I only wanted to do a tummy lipo. But end up doing jowls, jawline and neck lipo as well as Dr said it would... READ MORE

Revision to Replace Silicone Implant W/ear Cartilage

I had my rhinoplasty ( revision surgery. Replace Silicon implant with ear cartialge, 3 month post op).My surgeon used my septal cartilage and ear cartilage to build my tip and ear cartilage to augment my bridge. And the problem is, one side of my nostril is slanted while the other straight. And my nose does not look great at all with flat bridge and round nose tip. It was almost perfect to me... READ MORE

Questions from pumpkin84

Adding Another Layer of Autologus Material After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had my Rhinoplasty revision surgery 3 months ago to replace silicone implant with ear cartilage. My surgeon used my septal cartilage and ear cartilage to build my tip, and... READ MORE

Will Ear Cartilage Regrow in Ear After It is Used in Rhinoplasty?

I heard from some doctors said that ear cartilage will regrow in the original place of where it was taken out. Is this true? If this is the case, then can we use regrown... READ MORE

Revisional Rhinoplasty Cost Estimate?

My previous surgeon used up ear cartilage from my both ear and also a bit of septal cartilage. The surgery result was good one month after operation. However, now my nose tip... READ MORE

Would It Be Dangerous to Go for 3rd Asian Rhinoplasty?

From my undersanding, most of the rhinoplastic surgeries performed in west are to shorten nose or making nose bridge narrower. Hence it may not be good to go for 3rd... READ MORE

Silicon Bridge and Irradiated Coastal Cartilage for Tip Projection?

I am considering a revision rhinoplasty. However I am having big headache to choose an appropriate material for the revision surgery, since self cartilage could not promise a... READ MORE

Columella Strut Using Irradiated Rib Cartilage

Some journals mentioned that irradiated rib cartilage could be used to construct columella strut, though it may have reaborb, however as it will occur rather slow, the fibrous... READ MORE

I-shape Silicom Seems to Shift Down, Can It Be Made Shorter and Lower and Put Back to Originial Nose Cavity?

I had my nose done 3 times. The very last time was using I- shape silicon as bridge and ear cartilage plus septal cartilage as strut. It has been already one year and three... READ MORE

Material Used for Revision Rhinoplasty. What to Expect if Switching From Large to Smaller Implant?

Recently, it is a popular method among Korean surgeons that use I-shape silicon to augment bridge and irradiated rib catilage to construct collumbellar strut and ear catilage... READ MORE

Will Dorsal Implant Shift Down Due to Gravity?

My current bridge Implant is silicon. It is oversized.I d like to revise it to a smaller one. However I got different solutions by docs.One doctor told me the existing pocket... READ MORE

Jowls Lipo Went Wrong, Can Fat Grafting Be a Solution?

I did jowls lipo 2 weeks ago and my surgeon removed some fats 2cm away from my mouth corner and created some sagging. Can I inject fats to the sagging area? Will our face cell... READ MORE

Can Fat Cells Have Better Than Average Survival Rate if Inject to Where It Has Been Taken out?

My ps removed too much fats during my jowls lipo. I want to inject fats to where it has been taken out. after lipo, will blood vessels still remain there? If i want to inject... READ MORE

My Jowls and Chin Lipo Went Wrong, Please Help Me? (photo)

It has been a month since my jowls and double chin lipo. However I observed a dent on my face. please see circled area. Is this area considered as jowls? READ MORE

After Fat Transfer to Face, How Long Can I See the Final Result?

May I know when will the fat injected to the face be stabilized ( stop reaborbing?). When Can I resume nomal gym activities after fat injection? READ MORE

What is Jowls? Do I Really Need a Jowls and Jawline Reduction? (photo)

Please see my pictures. My surgeon suggested that I could do jowls lipo to make me more youthful look. Do I really need a jowls reduction based on my pre op photos? After lipo,... READ MORE

Will Jowls Reappear After Jowls Lipo?

I am a 29 yrs old asian female. My skin is very tight. Due to miscommunication, my doctor liposucted out my jowls and turned my round face into oval face. I still prefer my... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting a Promising Solution to Deformities Created by Bad Lipo?

Can fat really survive after transplant? Anyone has successful case that fat transplanted lasted more than a decade? I am really scared fat grafting is just a waste of money... READ MORE

Which Areas Are the Circled Areas in the Picture? (photo)

I accidentally bumped this picture from an asian plastic surgery forum. The doctor claimed that the surgery is to lipo this patient's jowls, jawline and neck. But the two... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Placed Around Mouth Corner Area? And Can Fat Be Placed on the Lateral Face Using Fami Technique?

The surgeon I consulted today who specializes FAMI technique told me that fat placed around mouth corner will have no long term result as 100% of fat will be reabsorbed. And... READ MORE

If I Want to Augment my Cheek by 4cc Each Side, How Much Fat Should I Inject?

I found that 4cc augmentation of my each cheek could acheive my desired face shape. ( by injecting filler, I reached this conclusion).In order to achieve total of 8cc survival... READ MORE

Does the Circle Part Include the Masseter Muscle? (photo)

May I know if the two interlocked circle cover the masseter muscle? If yes, which part of circle is that? Thanks READ MORE

May I Know When Do I Need To Wear Brava Again After Fat Transfer?

I am just one day post op of fat transfer. May I know how soon after surgery can I wear brava? Will noogleberry produce same effect as brava? Can I place smaller breast cup to... READ MORE

Will adhesion resulted from lipo dissolve themselves? (photo)

I have attached the photo. There r dents besides the mouth corner and the chin. I have undergone one fat graft session for the 2 areas. But fat intake is not very great. My... READ MORE

How soon after fat grafting to face can I have sex?

How soon after fat grafting to face can have sex without affecting fat survival? Will the shaking movement make fat to disallocate ? READ MORE

Will facial expression affect fat transfer results?

I am going for fat transfer to my jawline and buccal area. Wondering if facial expression like smiling and talking after 2 weeks of fst transfer will affect the fat survival?... READ MORE

Can thread lift remodel the skin and make skin tighter?

I used to think threadlift will pull the skin like stretching a spring and when the thread effects are gone, the skins will be more droopy. however my local demalogist told me... READ MORE

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May i know where is the incision point and how long is the scar? many thanks READ COMMENT

Hi may i know how is ur result now? Are u happy with it? READ COMMENT

Bottom of foot- do u mean by foot palm? I think that is wher whole body s pressure would be exert on? By the way,some patients shared that they stopped seeing any changes at 2 months plus. Do you think 2 months to 3 months is a good... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for the sharing and prompt response. Would you be able to gauge the % of fat retained? READ COMMENT

That s really great..I am happy to hear from you that the result is wonderful. I chanced upon Dr Alesia when I visited Dr Coleman in tribeca. She is an elegant and pretty lady. Btw may I know how much fat has retained till now? When did... READ COMMENT