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You are very welcome! Being in the industry over 25 years, some of the claims made by these companies make my head hurt :) READ COMMENT

Very true...don't believe the hype. The beauty industry is a massive marketing machine and very often the truth is stretched. Keep it simple with your skincare program, and avoid products that have incredibly long ingredient lists,... READ COMMENT

I agree, well said. READ COMMENT

If you are in direct sunlight, your only option to avoid any color at all would be to use a Zinc based product. Unfortunately, these can be fairly opaque and do not look great on the skin. I would recommend a titanium/zinc blend....wear... READ COMMENT

I realize this comes a little late :) I would suggest avoiding anything with fragrance, this includes perfume as well since they contain Phthalates (disrupt hormones) which are not great for the fetus. Keep it simple, a sulfate free... READ COMMENT