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27 Y/o Mom of 3 - Hoping There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

I want to tell you a little about myself - because I always think that stuff helps when getting something this big done. Im a 27 year old mom with three boys. I had my first child at 20 and my last 6 months ago. I dropped all my baby weight and Im at the weight I want to be 128 ( Im 5'4) . BUT I have a wrinkly tummy and a pooch from having 9.8 lb babies! I dont have stretch marks ( Im... READ MORE

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I think it was definitely worth it to be honest. I ended up losing some weight after the procedure - like ten lbs which also just overall helped. I think a tummy tuck would be the ultimate thing to do for me but I just dont have that... READ COMMENT

I took the garment off when I took a shower. I just couldnt leave it on. Plus I wanted to wash off the blood and stuff. I left the garment on the whole time unless in the shower. Cause it hurt to walk with it off. Like it giggled and... READ COMMENT

I had pain with things touching my stomach for a long time. Like months. Just pushing or barely touching. I could wear jeans again like after a month but the pain and discomfort took a while. I cant give you an exact but it did take... READ COMMENT

Arizona Laser Lipolysis Institute Im going to update my profile this evening with pictures. This is what my stomach looks like six months later!! READ COMMENT

Yeah Im confused. At this point I really think it looks the same as when I walked in there. But I dont really understand how that is possible. The lady said that I wont see total results for 3 to 6 months. She also said I had a lot of... READ COMMENT