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And in the Bginning There Was...tray 1 - Massachusetts, MA

I recently started my Invisalign journey. I have been self consious about a sizable gap between my front teeth for many years but I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it when my 5 year old nephew was looking at my recent WDW pictures and said to me "Aunti - you got a rotten tooth?" He thought the gap in my teeth was actually a blackened tooth! (the gap does look black in the... READ MORE

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Aligners seem looser after just 5 days?

When I initially got my aligners five days ago, they fit tightly and flush to my gums. I had a slight lisp and that's about all. Now, five days later, my upper aligner is... READ MORE

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Excessive saliva!

Hi all, I'm so glad I found this community! I am 3 days into my 1st of 22 trays and I'm having a few issues. The first and most annoying is the excess saliva - I feel like I... READ MORE

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Thanks for the advice but the real problem was that I only get three trays at a time from my dentist and of course, this was the last tray in this set of three! Isn't that always the way? I did call her yesterday and she tolds me to go... READ COMMENT

I know, I know I shouldm't have put them in that darn napkin. But I was so careful with them and then last minute just put them down and that was it! My dentist told me to go back to tray 12 and she is going to order me a new tray 13.... READ COMMENT

PreOrtho, what is the water to baking soda ratio you use? I remember my mom making us brush our teeth with baking soda when we were kids and I remember it was pretty disgusting tastewise! But I'm willing to try it before dishing out the... READ COMMENT

It is so true about the snacking! I've lost 18 pounds in 4 trays LOL! And I haven't changed my eating - just no snacking. And my nails are going too - can't bite them anymore! Ahhh...the added benefits of invisalign! READ COMMENT

It should get better Anthony, mine did after the first tray. I also think that when they are brand new, it is all we can focus on and every little thing seems HUGE. But I have noticed that as the trays go on, I am able to not focus on... READ COMMENT