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Laser Tattoo Removal on Eyebrows

In 2010 or 11 I had my eyebrows tattooed. They weren't fully tattooed because I wasn't going to shave my hair off but I wanted them darker so this guy I knew gave me an outline as I like to call it and just darken the areas that needed darkening like the tail of my eyebrows and the middle. Back then Brittanya from Rock of Love was really popular for her eyebrows and cheek piercings so that's... READ MORE

Lip Injections W/ Juvederm Ultra XC - Boca Raton, FL

My lips have always been full and wide but when I got my lip ring it seemed as if that right lower lobe remained fuller for whatever reason. It had the same look it had when it was still swollen so with nursing school I literally took everything out. Since the Kylie Jenner craze I thought wth I would NEVER do something like that. I decided to do my research on where to go and the only place... READ MORE

Skin Lightening/ Toning -Miami, FL

I was inspired by @BadAssGirlWithABigAssBooty. I bought a new lightening product called Piona. Yesterday was day 1. First off it was drying. The initial odor was bearable but the after smell had me like WHOA!! Lol . I'm pleased with the reviews so I'm encouraged to use it. I've been using on my whole body except for my face ,but I'm just going to focus on my butt, lower back, under my butt, my... READ MORE

Full Body Lipo/BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I haven't had this procedure done yet but when I called Dr. Jimerson of Atlanta I was told it'd be somewhere around 11,000 so I'm rather surprised with these cheap reviews. Before this I considered silicone shots which are dangerous but when I felt a few butts of people I knew that had this procedure done I said heeeeeeeeeeeeell naw. So far I've heard about Yily and Duran from the Dominican... READ MORE

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I don't even know it's been so long ago. I never decided to use it READ COMMENT

Thank you love. I really was just working on getting even skin but I had some dark areas. I'm pretty much the same complexion. It's summertime and I've been out but I'm a lot more even READ COMMENT

I haven't purchased it READ COMMENT

I've been using the pretty biznez cream. The results are in my second to last review. I posted recently READ COMMENT

I have not been using them but I did get good results. Even and radiance as far as being light not at all. It just brought out my yellow undertone READ COMMENT