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Does the Revage 670 Work? Will It Really Make Thinning Hair Grow More?

I have heard a lot about Laser Combs for stimulating hair growth. The Revage 670 laser is apparently a device using the same wavelenght, but a lot more power. Has anybody had... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Remove a Tattoo?

I have heard that the best treatment for removing a tattoo is a Q-Switched YAG laser. However, when I do a search online, there are a huge number of references to using an IPL... READ MORE

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I have injected both, they each have pros and cons. The Juvederm comes in an Ultra and UltraPlus (thinner vs thicker). I like using the thinner in lips to avoid lumps and to make the lips feel very soft. I like the thicker in places... READ COMMENT

Alli is the same medication as Xenical (aka Orlistat). Both block fat absorption. If you don't have a lot of fat in your diet, neither will do much of anything. If you do have a lot of fat in your diet, you will likely have greasy... READ COMMENT

When it gets right down to the nitty gritty, the results of the treatment will be almost entirely dependent on the person (and the equipment) that is treating you. Regulations regarding med spas can be drastically different from state... READ COMMENT

Dear Momdon, Try to relax. First, Perlane can be used in the lips. It is not my favorite filler for lips, but it can work well. If your doc put in too much Perlane, don't panic! It is fairly easy to dissovle Perlane with Hyaluronidase.... READ COMMENT

The comment from Francineparent is completely wrong. Please ignore everything she said. To answer your question, the bruising will resolve over a few days to a few weeks. The product is intended to cause some water absorbtion but that... READ COMMENT