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Removal of Biopolimeros - Cali, Colombia

I'm wanting to get a BBL with fat transfer to my hips, lipo of the abdomen, waist & flanks and back. My current measurements 5'5 178lbs 40A/38B Natural Waist - 37" Lower Waist (gut) - 44" Hips - 42" I am an apple figure, just with out the large breast. I'd really like a fat transfer to my... READ MORE

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I had about 100ccs of "silicone" (type unknown) injected in my buttocks in 2008. How much time do I have left?

Every time I bring this up to a doctor rather than helping me with a solution, instead I get lectured me on how I made a horrible choice and should have invested in a proper... READ MORE

How long after silicone removal from the buttocks can I get a proper board certified BBL?

I had about 100ccs (50ccs per butt cheek) injected in my upper buttocks about 5 years ago from the black market. No complications (as far as I know of), no pain, swelling,... READ MORE

Doctors w/ experience removing silicone "injections". Why don't they advertise? Any doctors in the New York Metropolitan area?

I've been looking for a Dr for sometime now in the NY metropolitan area that has experience in removing loose silicone. I know it's physically impossible to remove ALL traces... READ MORE

I have a high red blood count, can I still get plastic surgery? What do I need to do?

Hi doctors, I recently went my PCP for an annual exam & my RBC is 5.25. The normal range according to his chart is 3.87 - 5.15. He didn't seem too concerned about it. Mom said... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Arm Lift - recovery time going back to not 1, 2 but 3 jobs?

I'm going for an arm lift in Aug. I have 3 jobs... first job I drive a few kids to school 6am - 8am (50mile drive round trip and my car is stick). Then I go to my FT office job... READ MORE

What procedure removes back fat folds, extra skin, bra strap fat... etc.? (Photo)

I always gain weight In my arms, back and sides first. I had lost about 60lbs a few years ago which left me with huge deflated flaps of skin. I've gained most of it back and it... READ MORE

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Good to hear love! Thanks for the update READ COMMENT

So happy to hear the surgery has been a success! I'm rooting for you girl! Wish I could've gone the same time as you READ COMMENT

I'm so happy for you ! he is such an amazing doc, I can't wait to see him! wishing you the best,s can't wait for your updates READ COMMENT

Hey MLATC, no he didn't, but that's good to know. I never thought of that (over working my body at the gym).. I will def keep that in mind! I'm def focusing more on my diet. Thanks for the advice! READ COMMENT

Wow I didn't know that, thanks for the heads up! MLATC READ COMMENT