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If Septum Infected After Rhinoplasty...what to Do? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and my septal was swollen and red and inflammed...my surgeon think that I might get infected..is it true? He then gave me an antibiotics injection... READ MORE

Continue Septum Infected? (photo)

After 2 weeks rhinoplasty (used septal & ear cartilage) my septum was really red n swollen. Is This Infection? I took antibiotics Cephalexin but got allergic reaction on... READ MORE

Why Mucous Getting More Thicker and Inflammation After 6 Weeks Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago..and I dont know why the mucous at the wall of the nose (septum) is still there and getting thicker each day and the inflammation also still .... READ MORE

Why my Face Still Sore, Swollen and Numb After 6 Weeks Nose Surgery?

I had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and my face still swollen, sore and numb.. is this normal? READ MORE

Why Septum Red Wth Crust/scab After 6 Weeks Opertion?

I had rhinoplasty 6weeks ago but my septum/septal was red, swollen n sored..around my tip also sored too, However I had this after 2weeks Post Op. At that time my surgeon said... READ MORE

Scab on Septum is Normal?

Scab on nostril wall after 2 months operation..is that normal? READ MORE

When Can I Start to See my Upper Teeth?

I had rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago...and just started to see alittle of my upper teeth. Is this normal? My columella is stil very hard/ firm...(asian rhinoplasty, had gortex for the... READ MORE

Why Suture still in the nose after 3 months rhinoplasty?

3 months rhino post ...I used q tip to clean the nose and I realized the suture still inside my nose ..hasnt dissolve. .should I go to see my surgeon to remove it or ive to... READ MORE

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Not me....thats beauty freak...she can answer ur curious :) READ COMMENT

Overseas is alot cheaper than here but wen u hv problems u hv to flight back to fix and u cant sue them...Here always better..u can fix the problems wth the doctor and u can sue them... READ COMMENT

I heard Dr Chris Moss is expensive cost ur arms n legs..no responsibility, wen problems he doesnt want to fix... google for Chris Moss and read the review before making decision to do the nose job wth him.. READ COMMENT

I did inbox you..did u see my pix?..hope I did it rite...sori for my low tech...I dont know much about post pix up here..all I know through email and mobile message.. READ COMMENT

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