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Reviews by yahoooooo

Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants (Singapore)

Great experience. Other than the fact that the LA was wearing off as the surgery was ending, but I guess it was normal... nothing unbearable. I've had open rhino in 2006 with a solid Silicone implant (with re-arranged nasal cartilage placed on my nose tip) and in 2007, chin augmentation... READ MORE

Permanence of Otoplasty - Two Stout Sutures Between the Cartilage and the Deep Tissue

I've had Otoplasty in 2008. My surgeon used two stout sutures between the cartilage and the deep tissue (mastoid fascia) and so there is little chance of them dislodging. The suture techniques are the Mustarde technique and the Furnas technique. He made no cuts in the ear cartilage.Permanence of... READ MORE

Questions from yahoooooo

Will Nasal and Chin Silicone Implants Shift?

I've had open Rhinoplasty in 2006 with a solid silicone implant (with re-arranged nasal cartilage placed on my nose tip) and in 2007, chin augmentation with another solid... READ MORE

Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants - Can I Sleep Face-Down and Wear Glasses?

I've a Silicone Nasal Implant Since 2006, and a Silicone Chin Implant Since 2007. Can I 1) Sleep Face Down? 2) Wear Glasses? READ MORE

Concerned Over Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants

I've silicone nasal and chin implants and fear that one day, there will be so much resorption that it will revert to square one. Is my fear warranted? Thanks. READ MORE

Wearing of Sunglasses + N95 Masks?

It's been over 6 years since I had my rhinoplasty (with silicone implant). Everything's fine. I'm thinking about resuming the wearing of sunglasses and N95 masks (when... READ MORE

Had a rhinoplasty (with silicone implant) done 9 years ago and need some advice.

It's been almost 9 years now since I had rhinoplasty with silicone implant and some cartilage at the tip (if I recall correctly) and everything's fine. Recently, I got in touch... READ MORE