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Gotta See Me 2 Believe Me! - Dominican Republic, DO

I can't wait to hear from Dr. Duran or Dr. Yily. I'm in the beginning stage some what but my mind is made up! I'm ready to have my date come and go but patience is essential for maturity to blossom. I don't want my head to get big. I'm looking to get a breast lift and some hair removal treatment also. Let me not 4get that I want my smile to be corrected a bit too. Anyhow, this is what I want... READ MORE

Questions from EarthlyOrbit

Maximum Amount of Time or Lbs. for Standing & Lifting After Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

If you have to take care of business or go to work...Whats the limit for lifting lbs. & Standing time per/day or just all at once. READ MORE

SurgDoes any1 know the ceritification requirements needed 4 Plastic Surgeons in the Dominican Rep?

If some1 has the site I can go to and find info for cerification requirements and also Disease Control statistic on the clinics & Plastic Surgeons in the D. R. READ MORE

Is Blood Screened for HIV, AIDS, & Hepatitis with Donors in the Dominican Republic in Case I Would Need a Blood Transfusion?

Wondering the criteria for donating blood that's used in blood transfusions in the Dominican Republic. Is the blood checked for HIV, AIDS, & Hepatitis such as the U.S. laws... READ MORE

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Do Dr. Duran or Dr. Yily make any comments or suggestions on RS?

Do these Dr.'s make any responses to their reviews about what they will do next to improve their services if any for new clients or returning clients? I'm wondering because... READ MORE

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Enjoy the process too! It's ups & downs but mainly U can come right on RS and view results then read positive reviews BAM! You notice how to balance it, just get comfortable so the learning process can Begin! READ COMMENT

Good info and blessing the journey u 2 READ COMMENT

I see you serious about what u want & how u can get it! Best wishes! This site and the members are very helpful so stay tuned READ COMMENT

Happy Healing! Glad you had a wonderful experience...I can't wait to be able to gfo thru it and come out glad 2 READ COMMENT