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Want to Explant ASAP. Met with PS - Florida, FL

I first got implants in 1977 when I was 20. I was a AA/AAA and all nipple no breast or very little. It has been so long I do not remember what they looked like. Due to encapsulation I have had to have them redone in 82, 87 and 2006 twice! Now the right one has to be redone, again. It was the one that causes all the problems. They are now 350 and under the muscle. Since loosing 32 lbs they are... READ MORE

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No he said he had no idea! I myself thought it felt like there was some there but really expected to be flay as a pancake. I had also just had a mammogram and she did pinch skin to get a pic without implant. But I was surprised to have... READ COMMENT

I was always happy with mine too except for the 4 times I had cc. So two weeks ago,I had them removed, no replacement. I am 56. I had pretty much decided it would revert back to the AAA flat chested 20 year old boobs. But being older,... READ COMMENT

Glad to hear it worked out for you. I am two weeks explanted. It's ironic thT before implant I did not have asymmetrical breasts but I do now! But I do have breast tissue now where before I had none. I only have about a half inch to one... READ COMMENT

You might have better luck on line with bras. I know before explant I was looking for 36 A's and A cups just are not out there like the other sizes. Victoria Secrets does A too but I don't know if they are in the actual store or on... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing! You look FABULOUS! I cannot believe you have had 6 kids! And FYI if you go down a band side in bras you go up a cup size! If you were wearing a 34C then it would be 32D. I am just 9 days post op and when I... READ COMMENT