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Explant Completed, awesome feeling!- Loveland, CO

I disliked my implants from the start, I'm 5'3", 114 lbs. and had 290cc saline under muscle in 2009. When I called a place for an explant quote a few years ago they said something like $6000, so I thought I was stuck with them for a long time. I have a quote for $2000 from my consult today and can't wait until surgery day!! Local numbing cream, I'll be awake and can drive home directly after... READ MORE

Never Liked Them - Louisville, CO

I sincerely regret getting implants, I've never been happy with them. I realize how low and depressed i was when i got them, thought they were the answer. Dislike the feeling of foreign objects in my body. I miss my small breasts! I'm looking at places for explantation now. What a waste of and learn I guess. Consult tomorrow, can't wait to be one step closer to explant :)... READ MORE

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Questions section more valuable than reviews

I noticed that when things go wrong after a BA, women often aren't updating their review (or just never started one). To research what can go wrong, I think the "Questions"... READ MORE

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No kidding...I've had an explant, but the damage is permanent: stretched skin, scars, compressed breast tissue, costs and yet another surgery!!! Not to mention emotional pain. There's no magic wand, hate to break it to you. READ COMMENT

As you've experienced, one can still have anxiety and unhappiness with their body even after implants. So, I recommend people not get them, why spend that money, incur the risk, etc. when it solves nothing? I personally felt more self... READ COMMENT

That's great, you'll be a new person :) I don't think I was very sore, just mostly at the incisions, kinda tight. Maybe you just hold your baby while sitting down? Listen to your surgeons advice, my surgery was very simple, I didn't... READ COMMENT

I think breast implants look disformed, natural breasts aren't all round like that. READ COMMENT

Your natural breasts were beautiful! I hope you find the courage to explant. I feel so much more confident since my explant, and confidence is one even needs to know why you feel confident, you can just fool them.... READ COMMENT