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35% TCA Peels for Raised Hypertrophic Scar?

Does 35% TCA peels help the little raised hypertrophic scar on my cheek? It was treated by Fraxel Laser for 6 times but only with a little improvements and it is softer now. READ MORE

Is TCA Peel Safe After Cortisone Injection?

Can I have 35% TCA peel (one month later) after I had cortisone injection? I had cortisone injection for treating the inflammable acne last month and right now my acne looks... READ MORE

How to Take Care of a New Scar?

I did fractional co2 laser 5 months ago on my cheek. I found out there is a linear and little elevated scar on my lower cheek (near jaw). I remembered the doctor zapped the two... READ MORE

Can I Use Mederma in Day Time and Silicone Sheet at Night for a New Scar?

I have a linear a little raised scar on my lower cheek. It was resulted from laser and formed recently. I dont know whether silicone sheet or mederma work for me. Can I use... READ MORE

Is It Suggested to Do More Than One Fractional CO2 Laser for Chinese Skin?

I have small white scars and little hypertrophic scars on my cheeks. I did fractional co2 laser (ellipse juvia) with 2 or 3 passes and highest settings 6 months ago. Redness... READ MORE

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Hi, would you like to tell us who is your doctor? I tried to look for a doctor to do fractional co2 laser, but need to pick one carefully. Thanks. READ COMMENT

Hi Wendy, would you like to provide the doctor's name? I live in NYC and am seeking a dermatologist. READ COMMENT

Hi Jaclina, are you asian? Would you like to update how the result on the acne scarring is now after two activfx? READ COMMENT

Hi Sully, are you asian? How is the effect now after deepfx performed on the the areas with scaring? Does the pigment look even if you only have partial areas done? READ COMMENT

I also live in NY and looking for a doctor to do the dot therapy. Do you mind telling me which doctor did the laser for you. Thank you. READ COMMENT