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34B to 34DDD! :) Sientra Silicone Smooth Round HPs

Hi, Ive had a TT/Lipo. Now I'm ready for the BA. Feeling very good about my doc and am thrilled with what she's done for me so far. This would be the completion of my Mommy Makeover. I am a mom of two kids (ages 10 and 8 years old) and breast fed both but for a very short time. Still, the damage is done. I've already had a TT and Lipo this past September. Don't ask me why I'm not... READ MORE

No the skin does not just "snap back" with excersize...

Anyone get a TT and lipo to remove saddlebags? My surgery is scheduled for September 20th. My PS had me scheduled for Aug 26 but wants to work with Dr. Xipoleas (was a fellow last year) as her attending doc, so my date was pushed to end of September while he waits for paperwork to go through so that he can work at NYEE. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I wanted my date for 8/26. ... READ MORE

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Do I need a breast lift with implants or can I just get implants? (photo)

Hi - I would like breast implants but do not know if I can pull of just implants or if I absolutely must get a lift. Can you please advise? Would really appreciate it. My... READ MORE

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Anyone here getting their TT on September 20th?

My doc offered me the 19th in the AM but i declined. READ MORE

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You look fantastic. It is always a great move to take care of YOU. It gives future you that much more of a leg up for your health. I'll be 3 years post-op in September and I am so glad I got my TT and lipo! READ COMMENT

I'm doing great! Holidays finally over (sigh of relief). Back to working off that holiday eatin' and keeping those fabulous results!! Healthy new year to you!! READ COMMENT

Holy mackerel! H cup! Well your boobs look fantastic and they held their shape (great surgeon) throughout. My girlfriend got pregnant after her breast aug and she said that she still love her breasts. She had a fear of them getting... READ COMMENT

Hi- in your initial tummy tuck, did you get muscle repair done ? I had both TT and MR done. I am happy with my results even after a few weeks despite how it takes months bc of swell-hell. READ COMMENT