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I had old silicone implants from 1996 that I wanted to change to new ones. They looked fine before but now a mess. The doc did not read or ignored the old surgery report I gave him that stated that implants were placed above muscle in my case due to lack of tissue around nipple area and could not be placed properly under muscle. The new doctor put under muscle anyways and all kinds of problems... READ MORE

Questions from haven28

Do I Have a Displaced Implant, Its Rounded at Top, big Indentation on Side Ever Since Surgery 10 Days Ago? (photo)

Other Implant Perfect I had a breast implant exchange, 14 year old moderate silicone 500cc over muscle to moderate plus 500cc under muscle. Old implants were over muscle. Day... READ MORE

3 months post op Breast Implant Revision from over to under muscle. Droopy and uneven, wide, lopsided? (photo)

I posted pics here right after this surgery and now 3 months later I am stuck with a super droopy breast and other breast looks smaller and breasts too wide apart. My old... READ MORE

Doctor says I have to gain 10 lbs for BBL since I do not have enough of right type of fat needed for it. Suggestions? (photo)

I am trying to get a Brazilian Butt lift but having problems gaining all the weight needed. I started out 118 at 5'2 1/2" which to me is alot already but solid with not the... READ MORE

Why is one side of buttocks so black and blue and other side very little bruising after Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like an explanation as to why one side of my buttocks got so black and blue all over and other side hardly any bruising at all and almost no black and blue after... READ MORE

Blood clot worry 7 weeks after liposuction of inner thighs

I had liposuction of inner thighs, belly and sides about 7 1/2 weeks ago and noticed today there is a black and blue mark on back of upper part of calf. It looks and feels like... READ MORE

Can anything be done to break up this lump I got after Liposuction in the belly? (photos)

I have a small discolored lump in middle of belly from liposuction of belly used for fat transfer needed for breasts. Can anything be done besides massages and garment that... READ MORE

My perm. fixed dental bridge came a little loose after I bit into something, can I assume there's an underlying serious problem?

3 years ago I got a permanent fixed porcelain bridge for upper tooth that I lost from an accident years before and no bone so not a candidate for implant. Now the bridge became... READ MORE

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He said I did not have much useable fat but helped slightly only when I also do squats regularly. If i don't do squats still look not so great. READ COMMENT

No PIcs, I had to get more lipo needed for a different surgery to fill boobs so not enough time to get pictures of final result. It took at least 4 months for final result then a different surgery now so swollen. Will be a few months... READ COMMENT

Dr. Bruno, subtle improvement but ripped me off too. He was suppose to lipo sides of waist and didn't even though I paid. He made up excuse that the fat could not be used for bbl but I paid for extra lipo in this area. READ COMMENT

I will not get more fat put in but. Most of remaining fat I had to use to add to thin skin for boob implant reconstruction last week. they took even more from belly and from sides which Bruno was suppose to lip but he didn't even though... READ COMMENT

This is sad to hear but surgeries like this are so unpredictable and no gurrantees. Its like gambling and you do not get money back for not being happy with results. I just had mine done too same doc different situation since I am... READ COMMENT