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Persistant Rhinoplasty Swelling?

I had open septo-rhinoplasty a year & a month ago,& I have medium skin thickness.Still lots of tip swelling& the tip is very firm.There are only tiny changes to... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Shorten a Long Nose?

Hi! I am post op 14 months, my nose is still too long. Can my nose be shortened under local anesthetic? And what would the swelling be like? for minor surgery, does swelling... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Scar Tissue- Will a Steroid Nasal Spray Help?

I am 14 months post op after septo rhino and still have scar tissue on the sides of my nose above the tip and a little bit on the inside of my nostril (i had a nose piercing... READ MORE

Restylane for lips- initial amount injected VS subsequent amounts needed periodically for maintenance?

Hi Doctors, I got 2mls of restylane in my lips (which were very small and assymetric) and am planning on getting another 1ml in a couple of weeks. I think 3ml in my lips will... READ MORE

Kenalog shot in nose after Restylane in lips?

I have severe scar tissue from a previous rhinoplasty, and my dr suggested a kenelog shot. I have restylane fillers in my lips. I just want to find out whether the kenelog will... READ MORE

Tip drooping with age after rhinoplasty + intradermal nevus on nasal tip

I visited my rhino surgeon for a consult for revision rhino. - he found that I have a small intradermal nevus on the tip of my nose. He refuses to remove it as it will scar, he... READ MORE

Have I damaged my nose with any of the following? Closed revision rhinoplasty, no cast, only taped. Currently 8 days post op.

- 6days postop, pillow fell on side of nose. Hurt after, only for abit. no bleeding. Nose swelled up after, hasnt looked the same since. Stitches on the outside of nose on both... READ MORE

Worried after cleaning nose! Post op revision rhinoplasty 6 days

I was trying to clean the gunk from the top of my nostril on the inside, but couldnt get it out as i think it is attached to stitches on the wall of my nose. I tried many times... READ MORE

Can taping the wrong way hurt stitches/results?

I had a closed revision rhino 9 days ago, with no cast. but because i have oily skin. the tape started to come off probably around day 4. I just used some medical tape to very... READ MORE

Corners of lips turn up with lip implant?

Hi. I have always had injectable fillers in my lips, but am considering a silicone implant. I like that it can be removed easily if there are issues. However, i like that the... READ MORE

Closed revision rhino- what will nose look like after swelling?

I had closed revision rhino 4 months ago, to lift the tip. When i came out of surgery, i had no cast, only tape on my nose. Immediately after surgery, my nose was very high.... READ MORE

Are cheek lifts permanent?

I've heard of doctors putting in cheek implants, and reattaching the cheek muscle higher on the cheek bone under the implant. I'm guessing this 'reattachment' of the cheek... READ MORE

Could I benefit from cheek implants? Do I need buccal fat removal? Will it change the shape of my eyes when smiling?

I have high, flat cheekbones. I carry alot of fat in my lower cheeks, close to my nose/mouth. When smiling, the apples of my cheeks hang low. I want higher, prominent... READ MORE

Considering cheek implants and upper eyelid refinement tarsel fixation

My eyes have prominent crows feet, and deep bags. My eyes are not an appealing shape. They dont extend outward much and look almost circular in shape. My eyelids are often... READ MORE