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New Veneers Look Alright

I've spent the past 10 months working with a cosmetic dentist to get my four front teeth redone (bad cosmetic work previously). He's an Accredited AACD dentist and works with a really good ceramist. But here's the problem. I ended up doing 8 top and 8 lower after his recommendation. Prepless for all but the first 4. The prepless veneers were suppose to be thin and match the four, but... READ MORE

Questions from htmlkungaroo

What is the Difference Between a Prosthodontist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

I need cosmetic work redone and am wondering which is better educated for cosmetic work. Who is up to date with the latest in the industry? Does one cost more than the other? READ MORE

What Do Specialist of the American Dental Association Think About Cosmetic Dentists? Do They Frown Upon Their Practice?

I'd like to know if my choice of going to "cosmetic dentists" has been wrong and I should have gone to a recognized specialist for my implant, crown and veneer work or if the... READ MORE

Do Dentist Ever Negotiate Their Fees? Or Do They Always Stick to Fixed Rates They Set?

Is it possible to negotiate rates on dental work with a dentist or does the industry not do that? READ MORE

What Are my Options After Implant Placement with Bone Grafting but the Area Above my Tooth is Not As Plump As Rest of Gums?

I had a tooth extraction on the #10 incisor and now have all restored teeth (veneers plus crown). However the #10 seems to be darker because of the bone loss. Can I have more... READ MORE

Do I Need a Referral to See a Periodontist or Oral Surgeon?

I would like to talk to a gum specialist about my concavity in my gum after extraction and implant placement on an anterior tooth. Do I need to work with my current dentist to... READ MORE

What are my options for gum recession on the back side of lower anterior teeth?

I am aware that gum grafts and allografts can be used for the front of teeth that have gum recession but does a doctor ever correct issues with the root being exposed on the... READ MORE

Will my papilla come back? I had a bone graft and now I have black triangles.

I had a gum graft done with tissue from my palette On tooth number 12. It has been 3 weeks since the procedure was done and everything is healing fine. My gums are thicker... READ MORE

I had a connective tissue graft between teeth 10 and 12. I know have black triangles. Will they go away?

I just got a gum graft because I had thin gums. I know have a black triangle that is pretty large between teeth 11 and 12. I don't know why I have this now. I didn't have it... READ MORE

My Botox only lasts 2 months, should I find another doctor that injects more?

I have done botox twice and each time I need to schedule a new appointment around 2 months. This is after going for the first appointment and coming back for a check up and... READ MORE

How long after you receive a free gingival graft on your front lower anteriors can you get porcelain veneers?

Since the gum rises after a couple of months for additional root coverage, does this mean I would have to wait 4-6 months before I can get veneers on my lower front teeth after... READ MORE

Gum graft healed weird with a mountain top. Is there anything that can be done? (Photo)

I got gum grafts on both sides of my uppers using tissue from my palatte, same with the lower front. On the lower sides I got alloderm grafts. On one side of the upper side,... READ MORE

Does shaving the top layer of your gums down leave a scar or does it heal and look naturally?

I had a gum graft using tissue from my roof of my mouth. The gums have healed but there is some additional bulk now. I would like to know if shaving down the gum leaves the gum... READ MORE

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Told you dkspaceguitar! READ COMMENT

:) I won't be posting any more reviews or photos on this website. I don't like how this website prevents me from sharing useful links that can help people like you and I. I also don't like how they profit off us without allowing us to... READ COMMENT

Just read your entire review. It looks like you are getting the work redone. Thank goodness! And I just went to that doctors website. 1) She uses STOCK photos for her homepage, not actual clients. Red flag. 2) The before and after... READ COMMENT

Yes I have. I travel from NYC to Boston for my work at Boston Prosthodonistics. That's the name of the practice. Perhaps the best in the country after speaking to a number of dentist. It's pricey but worth it. I saw your review. It... READ COMMENT

Did the gum tissue ever rise? Now that its been a few months. I believe it should after 4-6 months. READ COMMENT