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**6 Days Post Op** Breast Augmentation**implant Placement High and Unnatural -- HELP?

I posted pre and post op pictures Armpit incision with 380 high profile saline implants I'm 5'9 135 pounds My boobs look terrible.. Is it normal to have this shape after 6... READ MORE

Will my breast gain volume once my implants "drop"? 13 days post.

Pre Op: 5'9 ... 135 pounds... 34B 380CC SALINE HIGH PROFILE Just tried on a 36D- I'm NOT FILLING IT OUT.... My surgeon said my implants are "high" at 13 days post (need to drop... READ MORE

When my Implant Drops, Will I Gain Fullness? Where Does my Implant Sit at 2 Weeks Post?

Pre Op: 5'9 135 pounds 34B 380cc under muscle armpit incision saline High profile At two weeks my implants are still "high" with a bulge above my natural breast. Questions 1)... READ MORE

Will I Need a Revision? 7 Weeks Post - Implants Not Dropping

I am at 7 weeks post op. Very little change from my 12 day mark... How soon should I expect to consider a revision? 380 cc smooth high profile saline, armpit incision. Use of... READ MORE

Have I Developed Pollybeak 8 Weeks Post. A Ball of Scar Tissue Has Formed Inside Nostril?

At my 6 week follow up I was told a nose is at its "most swollen" My nose has turned significantly more bulbous on the tip. The tip itself is significantly larger than the... READ MORE

380cc HP saline armpit incision. 3 months post. Do I need a revision? What are your suggestions for a replacement implant.

5'10 , 135 pounds , 25 years old - no children. 380 cc HP saline armpit incision. Have seem little progress from the 2 week mark. My implants are riding very high and clearly... READ MORE

15 weeks post breast aug. Implants Above Breast, Not Underneath. Riding High. REVISION to Sientra brand implants?

Pre: 5'9 135 pounds. 34B. 380cc HP round smooth saline armpit incision under muscle. 15 w. & my implants are above my breast (bulge) and ride all the way up to my collar... READ MORE

Breast aug armpit incision. Going in now breast fold. implants never dropped?

Thanks for reading. I am going in for a revision at my 4 month mark due to implants being above my breast and never falling beneath. 380cc saline HP round smooth. I now have an... READ MORE

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Oh I feel your pain. 4 months post I had to get a revision.. My implants never dropped. I paid $2,150 all together. Including the cost of the new implants. My friends told me I was dumb for paying the surgeon another dime, but I did it.... READ COMMENT

I also have the new sientra gummy bears! I'm at 510 though. So jealous you got to see yours already! Happy healing READ COMMENT

I am so sorry this has happened! I had the opposite (mine never dropped) so I had to implants literally up to my collar bone post op. Anyways, I know how frustrating and nerve racking it can be. Best of wishes on your revision! READ COMMENT

I had this same problem.. Please read my site. Hope your case is different. I just got done with the revision to release more muscle because mine never dropped READ COMMENT

I was worried about scaring too. My first augmentation I went threw the armpit for that reason and my boobs never dropped. I just had a second surgery and followed the technique my surgeon wanted to do the first time- breast fold... READ COMMENT