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Tried and True Way to Manage Wrinkles - Boston, MA

There is a reason this is so popular. This is an excellent way to prevent wrinkles on your forehead and crows feet. Don't be cheap - go to a dermatologist who you can trust. If you go to someone that knows their stuff and is a dermatologist then you can get wonderful results with results so natural looking no one will even notice you've had it. I would never tell anyone that I've gotten it and... READ MORE

Painful but Worth It - Boston, MA

I wasn't able to get Lasik so I opted to get PRK and I'm glad that I did. PRK is older technology but actually gets better results because your lens grows back not like in Lasik where they essentially chop it off and hope it heals back where it is meant to. My vision wasn't even all that bad I just was sick of wearing contacts. I now have 20/15 vision (so thats better than 20/20) which is... READ MORE