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When the Tip Starts to Slowly Go Down While Recovering from Open Rhinoplasty, Does the Columella Become Less Visible?

I had septo/rhino 8 days ago. I know that at day 8 it is early to judge but I'd like to ask a general question. My columella is slightly lower that my alar ends which wasn't... READ MORE

I Had my Rhinoplasty 10 Days Ago and at the Moment my Bridge and Tip Are the Same Width!! Could This Be Swelling? (photo)

This is making me look very strange. So my question is just general, is that a usual result of swelling? if so, how long will it take the bridge to narrow down so there is a... READ MORE

Noticed Sudden Exaggerated Deviation 5 Weeks After Septo/rhinoplasty?

I had open rhino/septo 5 weeks&2 days ago. Nose is healing was deviated before surgery & after I noticed the deviation was still there but slightly better... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar on Bridge of my Nose - How Can I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I had an accident nearly 2 years ago and fell off a quad bike in the desert resulting in the skin on the bridge of my nose splitting open. I didn't need stitches according to... READ MORE

I Have a Raised Scar on the Bridge of my Nose - How Do I Flatten In? (photo)

I fell down about 2 years ago and cracked the skin on the lower side of the bridge of my nose open. I did not need stitches but due to the boney-ness underneath, the skin did... READ MORE

I had open Rhino/septo 3 mths ago - 6 wks saw different doc because my doc is in a diff country & I think he messed up? (photo)

Hello Doctors-when I saw this new doc at 6 weeks after rhino to remove silicone splints he said that my bone had shifted to the left & that its most probably NOT just... READ MORE

Is this dent on my nose dislocation of upper lateral cartilage or swelling of tip contour? (Photo)

Happy New Year Docs! I am 5 months post open rhino/septo.1 month post op a doc pushed my left nasal bone in (my left-your right) - he said the bone had shifted. As swelling... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty 5.5 months ago but I look very strange...can you help me identify issues why? (photo)

Hello doctors - I need your valuable help is explaining to me what you think is wrong with my nose. I had open rhino 5.5 months ago and today I just feel like I look very... READ MORE

I had Open Rhinoplasty 8 months ago. In comparison to my old nose, do I have alar retraction, hanging columella or both? (Photo)

Hello Doctors, my rhinoplasty goals were: remove hump, straighten septum, slightly reduce bulbous tip, and keep base + nose/mouth relationship the same (I loved that part of my... READ MORE

Can I get closed revision rhinoplasty for underprojected tip at 9 months post op? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 9 months ago but the result is appalling because my tip used to look supported before surgery whereas now I have a curvy profile and an under projected... READ MORE

Should I go for the revision? (photos)

Would love ur help! My Revision is scheduled on 4th of Sept-1 year post-op. Primary Doc saying: still swollen in supra-tip area & columella - wants to inject w/steroids to... READ MORE

How do you correct a soft tissue pollybeak?

Hello Doctors - There isn't enough info on the internet on how to fix pollybeak deformity from over-resection of supra-tip cartilage on a thick skinned patient. If surgery is... READ MORE

Pollybeak deformity resulted from Primary Rhinoplasty - how do I address this?

Hi Docs-I had a primary rhino a year ago & developed pollybeak deformity due to loss of tip support + scar tissue formation in supratip (thick skin + I think too much cartilage... READ MORE

Who is the best doctor in the US for this kind of revision surgery? I need a tongue-in-groove & fix inverted v. (Photo)

Hello Drs. I am finally 1 yr post primary & eligible for revision. I have an inverted V deformity & pollybeak &my whole columella & infara-tip lobule have drooped low. I will... READ MORE

I finally had my revision rhinoplasty but worried about results. Will my nose be swollen as long as my first surgery?

Hi Docs I had my revision rhino 3 days ago. First op left me w/inverted v on 1 side & pollybeak due to lack of tip support & scar tissue formation @supra-tip. I went back to... READ MORE

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I am considering Dr. Steven Denenberg for revision rhinoplasty - Do you have any experience with him?

Hello Everyone,I am heavily considering Dr. Denenberg for a revision rhinoplasty at the end of this month. I would appreciate any of you who has had previous experience with... READ MORE

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I did, with the latter :s - I do not want to say much you look at my before and after pics on this site. All the best. I am also from Dubai you can DM your number if you want to discuss in more details. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear that :( Which doctors did you go to? READ COMMENT

That's the problem - gut should never be the reason you go for a doctor! Is there no doctor I can go to, to guarantee that at least he won't mess me up. I have such a small issue and looking for a tiny improvement - can it really go... READ COMMENT

Hi dheart I would also appreciate some photos of your before and after please! I had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty in Lebanon and want to go for the best for my revision :( it has been a very psychologically distressing factor in my life.... READ COMMENT