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Direct Neck Sculpting (Liposuction Under Chin and Jaw) with Dr. Poindexter - Reston, VA

I was really bothered by a double chin that made my whole face look fat. Dr. Poindexter did liposuction under my chin and jaw, called direct neck sculpting, and WOW! Revealing my jawline and taking away that extra fat had such an amazing effect on how my whole face looks! The operation was very straightforward – he just made a few tiny incisions that were almost invisible to start with and... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Various Areas of the Face with Dr. Poindexter - Reston, VA

Dr. Poindexter did fat injections to areas of my face that were a little hollow or asymmetrical. He even injected a little dent I had on the side of my nose and evened it out! He filled out my upper cheeks, nasolabial folds, little dents I had on both sides of my chin (called pre-jowls) and the corners of my mouth. He also added fat to my lower lip and it looks fantastic, just really pretty... READ MORE

Inner and Outer Thigh Liposuction and Upper Arm Liposuction by Dr. Poindexter -Reston, VA

Dr. Poindexter liposuctioned my inner and outer thighs and my upper arms. The results are fabulous! My inner and outer thighs had stubborn areas of fat that I absolutely hated, including saddlebags on my outer thighs and uneven pockets of fat on my inner thighs. After the liposuction, I was so happy with how smooth, even and slim the contours are, while still maintaining a feminine shape and... READ MORE

Dr. Poindexter is Amazing! -Reston, VA

I just had a breast implant exchange with Dr. Poindexter and the results are amazing! I went from 475cc moderate profile saline implants to 550cc high profile silicone gel implants and I am thrilled! He did my first breast augmentation with saline implants in 2005 before silicone implants were re-approved by the FDA. The first augmentation went really well and looked fantastic, but I recently... READ MORE