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I don't recall a lot of pain but I have a high tolerance level. Now the swelling SUCKS and when the tubes come out it is a quick pain! READ COMMENT

Best wishes to you all!!! I am 2mos post op... so far I am ok no pain but ready for the final contouring to take effect ;0) READ COMMENT

I was on cephalexin (2 1/2 wks to complete) and vic. I only took vic for the first week and not much after that. Honestly, I did not experience much pain I was more nauseated more than anything. It hurt to cough and laugh. My bowl... READ COMMENT

WOW I had problems with Anemia and I kicked in high gear on my iron...sweetie you MUST take care of that ASAP you do not want a transfusion. My doctor postponed my first surgery date because I suffer from sickel cell. I hate you are... READ COMMENT